Weekend Recap

Hello all. I just realized my weekend recap did not post on Monday, so I wanted to share it with you all now. Better late than never!

Friday night I had a birthday party to attend for my friend's 2 year old daughter. It was 40 minutes away and went from 7-9 pm at Chuck E Cheese, but because of the time I decided not to take Ella with me. We all went out to eat together as a family before I left.

We were walking in and I thought Ella's outfit and face were hilarious, so I had to snap a pic. She has such a resting grumpy face, it's unreal. I promise our daughter is happy!

We went to a newer restaurant called Noble Bird, where they serve rotisserie chicken and healthy sides. 

We got chicken, squash and fingerling potatoes. In my opinion it was just okay, but Ella enjoyed it.

Don't even ask me about her outfit. I had worked all day, and this is what Michael chose for her. 

After dinner, we got some warm drinks and walked around the play areas for a bit.

It was actually a beautiful night and Ella loved playing around in the grass.

Not sure what this thing is, but Ella wanted to hug it!

I had to leave around 6 to go pick up my friend and drive to the birthday party, so we rushed home so I could change. (I had still been in my work clothes.)

The birthday party was fun, but I am definitely glad I didn't bring Ella. We stayed until 9:30ish and that is sooo far past Ella's bed time.

Saturday was super relaxed and fun. I didn't do half of the chores I had planned on, but that's okay. Ella and I started the day by going to the grocery store while Michael was at the gym.

Ella was so good, I rewarded her with a banana after shopping.

We still had plenty of proteins and veggies at home, but were running low on fruit, snacks and milk/eggs. I love cleaning out the fridge and stocking the shelves with all this delicious fruit.

We did some playing outside. Ella likes pushing her babies around in her stroller. 

After some playing, I made Ella lunch. I made her some broccoli macaroni and cheese. sliced cucumber and sliced strawberries. For the mac, I basically cook the broccoli till it's nearly mush and then mix it in with the mac & cheese. It's a great way to sneak in some veggies and Ella absolutely loved it. She ate this entire plate, asked for more and then ate her seconds too.

Right as Ella was finishing up her lunch, her Dad was home! 

They are so sweet together. (Mike has no shirt on because he had just showered.)

Ella napped from 12-2, and I had big plans while she slept. I was going to do some vacuuming, dusting and some laundry. Instead, I ended up finishing Season 2 of You. You guys, I can't deal with how it ended... what an amazing show! Disappointed I didn't get that much done but you know what, that 2 hour break was much needed.

Ella woke up, had a snack and we went to our friends Samantha & Tyler's home for dinner.

Ella made herself comfortable, that's for sure.

We had ground turkey chili and corn muffins. It was so yummy!!!

Ella had so much fun playing with their kids and hanging out with our friends.

We came home around 8 so that Ella could go to bed at a reasonable hour. I sorted through some toddler clothes that Samantha gave us (she has basically clothed Ella her entire life- so thankful) while Michael watched UFC. It was so nice having a super relaxed Saturday where we go to spend some time with friends.


Sunday I had plans with friends to go to brunch. I had a lot of other plans on Sunday too, but things didn't do as planned...

We packed up a bag and dropped Ella off at Michael's parents for the day.

I got ready and took an Uber to my friend's place around 10. Her husband dropped us off at the restaurant. It was a beautiful old building that used to be a bank and is now a restaurant. 

My sweet friends and I! I met these ladies while working at one of my dental offices and I am so fortunate to have them in my life. 

I got some delicious tacos! 

And had one too many mimosas...

We had fun, but I did nottttt feel great the rest of the day. I ended up spending most of my day laying around the apartment, while Michael took care of everything else. Thanks babe.

Future note to self. Endless mimosas doesn't mean you have to drink them endlessly.. Hahaha! Keeping it real here ladies. That champagne WILL get you. Yikes!

Michael got me a gatorade to help me feel better while I rested.

And fun park adventures always make for a great end to a fun weekend.

Such a fun weekend with friends and a pretty easy week ahead. I only work Monday, Wednesday and Thursday this week, so I plan on having some fun adventures with my girl this week!

-Ashley & Ella xoxo


  1. Oh Ella & that banana is too cute! And darn it, endless drinks always sound like a good idea in the moment but such a regret later lol, been there!

  2. I can't believe someone had a kid's party so late at night!

  3. We always seem to be running out of fruit and vegetables before most other groceries too but I try not to complain since I figure we must be eating well at least but sometimes it does feel like a struggle to keep enough food in the house. I would not have taken my boys to a party that late at night either; heck I'd hardly make it through a party ending at 9 now... I am such an early to bed/ early to rise kind of person and so are my kids.


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