Weekend Recap

Linking up with some fellow bloggers to share our weekend with you! #HelloMonday 

Saturday was really relaxed. Michael was working until 3, so we spent the morning doing chores and playing! I love quiet and peaceful mornings with Ella. She is teething right now, so she goes from happy to miserable in 2 seconds. She doesn't really like teethers or cold objects of any kind, so I'm just trying to keep her comfortable the best I can.

She woke up super sweet and happy though and we did some snuggling on the couch.

Ella ate some breakfast, and got dressed for the day. While I ate my scrambled eggs on the couch, Ella read me a book. She also stole a few bites of my eggs!

The weather was pretty gloomy and the park was too wet to play, so we went to Target, Sprouts and some other stores in town. 

Ella actually really likes going out shopping with me, but gets ancy is it's more than 1-2 stores. I found these really cheap Minnie Mouse ears for her. The pair we have at home are a little tight around her head and she doesn't like wearing them. These are like 90% cheaper than any pair I would find at Disneyland and she loved them so much she wore them all morning! 

Ella played while I made her lunch.


Ella had tofu-broccoli noodle soup that I made for her. She liked it so much she was slurping the broth! 

Ella napped from 1-3, while I did some cleaning and watched...

Image result for netflix cheer

Have you guys watched this show on Netflix? It's actually really good. It's amazing how athletic and determined those kids are... It's also shocking to see the injuries that occur in Cheering as well as how often they just push through their injuries so they can still compete. 

I also worked on a blog post "What's in my Diaper Bag?"

You can see that post here:

After Ella's nap Michael was home from work. On Saturdays he gets out early. We went to Costco as a family to grab diapers and a few other things... I feel like going to Costco on a Saturday is like an olympic sport. It's crazy.

We got some strawberries and blackberries.

I grabbed some canned chicken, and rolls to make chicken salad sandwiches. My friend Jenny made me a chicken salad sandwich the other day and shocked me when she told me the canned chicken was from Costco. It was so yummy!!! Good to have in the cupboard as an emergency lunch.

We couldn't go to Costco without grabbing some sweet snacks...

Michael wanted to try these.

And we got some mochi. I prefer the lighter fruit flavors.

Burritos are always a good idea to have in the freezer.

Ella and I love yogurt! And this Chobani yogurt is made with less sugar.

Pickles. Yum!

Cauliflower rice! Always good to have on hand as well.

The rest of our night we spent eating and hanging out together as a family, which is honestly the best Saturday night. Michael and I tackled some chores, gave Ella a bath and had her in bed by 8. 

Sunday morning, Ella woke up super sweet again. We fed her milk and breakfast, and I got her dressed for the day. I let her rock some sweats because Sundays are for sweatpants!

Ella practiced climbing some stains outside of our apartment. Of course, I spotted her.

We went for a long morning walk around town.

I let Ella out at this little park (on our way to the normal park) and she loved just walking around and playing with leaves.

My sweet girl is now a fan of holding Momma's hand, and it melts me every time.

After I let her run around a bit, we got back in the stroller to go to our regular park by the beach.

Soooo gloomy! But the weather was actually not bad!


My sweet girl loves the beach just like her Momma. We sat for a bit and listened to the waves and watched some surfers.

I fed Ella a snack before we headed to Torrance to go eat at one of the most delicious restaurants.. Din Tai Fung. It's so good.

Ella was a big fan. We ate sooo much and had leftovers to take home!

It was at lunch that we heard the news of the helicopter crash in LA. Michael grew up a Lakers fan and Kobe was one of his heros... It was pretty shocking and devastating news. Especially once we heard that his daughter was also on board brought me to tears. I just imagined myself in their family's shoes hearing that news. Knowing how many people lost loved ones that day and the impact their deaths have on so many is gut wrenching. I pray for everyone affected in any way.

We tried to enjoy the rest of the afternoon, but that was hard after such shocking news.

Ella loves the mall! Get ready Michael!!! :P

We got home around 1, Ella had to go down for a nap and I had to shower.

When Ella was up, we decided to hit the grocery store reallllly quick. I had just showered, so wet ponytail, no make up... the real me! Yikes, scary isn't it?! My reusable tote can be found here.

We were going to the store AGAIN because I had forgotten creamer for my coffee, and I can't do black coffee... It's just not for me.

Image result for enjoy your hot bean water

This is how I feel. Hot bean water. HAHA! We got back home and it was dinner time for Ella.

Fresh fruit, string cheese, ground turkey meatballs, pasta and veggies. All in her new wheat fiber bento box. I got these so we can premake her meals and there's no confusion about what to feed her when Momma isn't here. :) She ate all of this and some leftovers noodles and rice from lunch. Ella never used to like carrots but she loves them if I do ribbon slices... Little Mom tip for ya.

I had some leftovers for my dinner. Shrimp fried rice, broccoli and bok choy... SO good, and yes on Ella's plate, haha.

We all shared some blackberries (Ella's new fave) and watched The Grammys together.

Super duper low-key weekend... the best kind of weekend. I have a crazy week coming up, and while I am not working very much, we have lots to get done. We are hoping to document our day today and post sometime this week, so wish me luck on that. Everytime I say it, I forget to take pics and have to postpone. Sigh. Today is my day! Happy Monday all!

-Ashley & Ella xoxo


  1. I actually don't drink coffee at all... even with creamer I just can't get used to the taste. Sounds like a pretty good weekend. When my boys were teething they liked to chew on damp washcloths; wet and wrung out with cold water but nothing frozen either. Hope this stage passes soon. It can be so tough when there isn't much you can do to manage their pain.

  2. Sounds like a good weekend to me. The news about Kobe was so sad though.


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