Life Lately & Disneyland!

Oh hi there! I haven't been sticking to my blogging schedule and I am disappointed in myself! I totally spaced the let's look post and had to throw together a last minute post, and then forgot Friday favorites all together. In my defense I was focused on my trip to Disneyland that day... but I do want to be better about staying on schedule. Because we've been a bit MIA, I am just going to share some random pictures from life lately, and some pictures from our trip to Disneyland this past Friday. Enjoy! xo

We have been making lots of trips to the park. Ella's trips to the park are even more fun now that she is walking. She's getting a lot more comfortable climbing and sliding by herself too.

We took Ella to a trial gymnastic class on Tuesday last week. She was the youngest in her class and it was obviously not a great fit for her yet. I was hoping there would be more children her size/age in the class, but she was BY FAR the youngest and least coordinated. The social interaction was great for her, but that was about all. We are going to try another free trial when we feel Ella is a bit more ready.

After gymnastics, Michael wanted to go to a snowboarding supply store to look at a few things, so I went with Ella nextdoor to Old Navy. I hit the clearance rack and got Ella a few things for GREAT prices. We got her a Valentine's Day dress for only $1.50! It's so cute and I can't wait to show you guys.

We have fun shopping together! :)

We are a croc and camo loving family and we are not ashamed! 

Can we get this girl a modeling contract already??? Haha, kidding. But isn't she so cute? My sweetness.

And last Friday, I decided to take Ella to Disneyland. Now that we are annual passholders, we'll be going a lot!

Our day started off a little rough, with Ella throwing up EVERYWHERE in the car. I had already paid and parked and wasn't sure what to do. I cleaned her off, changed her clothes and assessed her to see if it was even worth going into the park. She seemed fine, with no fever or fussiness. I suspect she may get motion sick in the car like I do, and maybe a full belly of milk before a 40 minute car ride was a bad idea. 

I'm actually so glad we stuck it out, because we had the BEST morning/afternoon at Disneyland. We arrived at around 9 and left around 2. Because we have the pass, I don't feel guilty about only staying for a few hours and going home.

Ella was giving me lots of hugs while we waited in lines for rides. 

She was so patient and such a good girl waiting in line. Now that she can stand up and walk, my arms can get a break from holding her!

Ella got to meet Mickey Mouse and wanted him to take her home! It was so funny, hahaha! She was living her best life in that moment.

The Haunted Mansion is one of my favorites.

Winnie the Pooh left Ella feeling bug-eyed.

Lots of snacks!

A big goodbye to Goofy on our way out. She was sooo excited to see him. We made it home by 3 and Ella napped the entire way home. It was a fun but exhausting morning.

And that's life lately... thanks for catching up with us! We will be back on Friday to share our favorites from the week. 


  1. I also commented on your instagram picture - I'm so jealous that you live close and have annual passes! I haven't been to Disneyland in too long. I actually have a Disney post up on my blog today too!

    1. I absolutely loved your Disney post :) You totally got all that Disney magic for free,, love it!


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