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Good morning! Yesterday I was SUPPOSED to be documenting a day in the life to share with you all today, but I #failed and lost my phone in our apartment halfway through the day. So instead I decided I will make it up by documenting a work day (a little something different) and try to share later on at some point.

, Lets Look: Your bedside table!

So instead, today I am linking up with Shay and Erika today, to 'look' at our bedside tables. Okay, so I was totally not prepared and would have done some re-organizing. So this is 100% real-life (no staging) what my bedside table looks like.

On my nightside table, I have a lamp from Ikea. 

I have some perfume that I have been gifted. I don't always wear perfume, but I have some if I need it. The two on the left at Good Girl by CAROLINA HERRERA and the one on the right is a Chanel perfume. I love both of them, and I use the Good Girl for more of my daily scent (it smells amazing!) and the Chanel is good for a date night! 

I also have my charger for my watch, and my cellphone. 

I keep a candle and an empty picture frame on my nightstand. I have been meaning to print pictures of Ella and put a pic inside that fun glitter frame. #momfail

To the right of the night stand you'll see my Magnosonic ring-cleaner. After I got my engagement ring, I realized a morganite stone was going to be very high maintenance. My ring gets very dirty from soaps, lotions etc. We bought this ultrasonic cleaner so I can keep my ring sparkling.

On the shelves, I store my kindle, some random books and old planners and notebooks I need to go through and recycle what I can. The bottom shelf I keep a basket for my hair care products (dryer, straightener, leave-in conditioner) and to the right I have storage bags for jewelry, and my make up which is currently on my bedroom floor in front of the mirror- not in its proper place. 

And that's my night stand which I now want to go clean and organize desperately...

Happy Wednesday everyone. We will be back Friday with some favorites and maybe a day in the life post if I can get it together in time. 

-Ashley & Ella xoxo

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  1. All of the posts on this topic today are making me want to fix up my night stand to be a little more fun! Right now it's pretty boring!


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