Tuesday Talk- Costco

Hi everyone, and happy Tuesday. We are linking up with Ashley & Erika for their Tuesday Talk segment. Today I am talking... COSTCO! We love going to Costco and get a lot of different products there. I am always looking for new recommendations on new stuff to try, so please leave your recommendations in the comments! 

We love Costco.

Even Ella enjoys carting around the store, and snagging some samples...

This was our latest Costco haul. 

We grabbed... 

Ground turkey
Veggie burgers
Bananas *not pictured
Green beans
Avocado oil spray
Cheese tortellini 
String cheese
Veggie straws
Fruit & vegetable pouches
Asian noodles
Mr Clean magic erasers 
Frozen vegetable medley *not pictured

Whenever we go to Costco, we always remember our reusable grocery bags since they don't offer bags in the store. 

Other products at Costco that we LOVE and have shared in a previous post.

Wipes and diapers. We no longer need to buy formula, thank goodness... but when we did, we loved the Costco generic. It was the best one for Ella's stomach. 

We love Amy's soups. These are perfect for a quick lunch and sooo yummy.

We love their frozen fish. Cod and salmon are our faves.

We like their pulled chicken meat, but didn't realize how much meat there really was in there. You have to have a major plan for how to use the meat before it goes bad.

We also love their...

Laundry detergent
Dish soap
Paper towels
Toilet paper 
Aluminum foil
Storage bags 
Canned veggies

So basically, we love everything at Costco!!! We don't have a ton of storage space at our apartment, so we can't buy as much in bulk as we would like to... But it really does save you money, so we look forward to having a larger home with more storage for more bulk purchases. 

Thanks for checking out our quick post today... please share in the comments your Costco faves.

Thanks to Erika & Ashley for hosting today's link up.

What are your Costco favorites or MUST buys???

-Ashley & Ella xoxo

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  1. I love getting milk there since it's so much cheaper and the expirations are further out! I also get lettuce there, and lots of snacks for my kids' lunches.

  2. We always used Bj's for diapers and wipes when the boys were little!

  3. I love their Animal Crackers and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Bars!! <3

  4. I've never been to Costco; None located near where I live. Looks like they have some good food items there.


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