Weekend Recap

Hi everyone, happy Monday and hello February, I can't believe it's already here! We had a great weekend full of fun and relaxation, and hoping you did as well. We are recapping our weekend with a few fun pictures. Please mind my blog as it's currently under construction while I play around with a few different color schemes and themes. It way look a little bit weird over the next couple of weeks.

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We didn't have any plans on Saturday. I was supposed to meet with a couple of sitters but things fell through. And Michael was working until 3, so it gave Ella and I the entire day to play together.

I woke up early and made pancakes. As I am getting older and now that I am a Mom, I am more of a morning person. It gives me a few moments of peace to start my day! :) Now that Ella isn't using a paci, she wakes up 30-45 min earlier... I think her paci helped her fall back asleep in the early morning. I try to make her wait till closer to 7 but once I hear that little voice on the monitor I love going in and swooping her up.


I found this great 7 Grain Flax Pancake Mix at Target and wanted to give it a try. They were pretty good but definitely aren't at all sweet! We topped ours with nut butter.

Ella ate her whole pancake!

I put together Ella's new wagon. It was a birthday gift from our friends, and sadly, we hadn't seen them since BEFORE October! It was so good seeing them on Friday and Ella is obsessed with her wagon!

Ella is also loving her new 1$ sunglasses too! (Dollar Tree)

Saw this quote and it left me emotional...

It's sooo true! I try to enjoy every single moment I have with Ella, and try to appreciate and love all the different stages.

I went to The Dollar Tree to get some craft supplies to have for the weekend. I also stopped at Target to grab some work out leggings since I am committed to jog with Ella regularly.

Here we are in the dressing room. Ella loves the mirrors and I love out color coordinated outfits... :) 

I got my leggings with pockets! Yay!

For lunch we had turkey and cheese pinwheel sandwiches, cucumbers and blueberries. Ella's favorite part of lunch was drinking her milk out of my Starbucks cup. She feels so special drinking out of our cups. I rinsed it out and let her go for it. Anything to make them happy, right?

After lunch, Ella went hard playing with her craft supplies. I was able to relax while Ella went nuts sticking everything to the contact paper on the wall.

I plan on sharing a whole post on this fun activity soon. It's all over the internet and for good reason, Ella loved it. I was so shocked because nothing keeps her entertained for that long like this project did.

While Ella napped from 12-2, I did some cleaning. I swept, mopped, cleaned out fridge, did dishes, picked up every room, cleaned the bathroom and attempted some vacuuming but Ella started to wake up so I stopped.

Ella woke up in a sweet mood. I cleaned her up a bit, stuck a big bow on her head and fed her a snack.

I love her little outfit!

Michael came home by 3 and we went to meet our realtor at an open house by 3:30. It was a cute home but I am not sure it's the RIGHT home for our family, so I think we'll let it pass. It's so hard here because of the competitive market, you have to jump on any home you love. I don't want to regret not putting an offer in, but we can't live with regrets! 

After the open house we went out to eat... Korean BBQ!


Ella loves the rice... as you can see, she's a little intense eating it hahaha!

We went home, watched a bit of TV and did our normal bedtime routine with miss Ella. Michael and I fell asleep watching Back to the Future (my favorite) on the couch. The best way to end a Saturday.

Sundays started with coffee & breakfast!

I worked on a grocery list while I drank my coffee.


While Michael went to the gym, Ella and I went for a jog around Seal Beach and headed to the park. We played for a while with some friends and then jogged back home. Ella munched on her breakfast leftovers while we waited for Michael to get home so I could shower.

Ella ended up sneaking a shower with me, which is always interesting. 


After we all bathed and were ready for the day, we went to Venice Beach to meet one of Michael's old dental school classmates for lunch. As you can see, Ella and I coordinated our denim jackets... :) 


In Venice, we walked around trying to find a good place to eat. We went to this vegetarian restaurant called The Butcher's Daughter. I got a mushroom and arugula pizza that I split with Ella. It was so yummy but I forgot to take a picture of it. But of course got a couple pics of my girl.

We got home in the later afternoon. I did a quick clean up and worked on adding a few V-Day touches to the apartment.

We let Ella rest for a little and then had to run an errand. We had to go check on the mail at Michael's parents house, and did a little grocery shopping together.

I did some smoothie prep for the week. Sharing the recipe with you all soon! And I made a big vegetarian sesame tofu bowl for dinner.

We fell asleep really early, as we were tired from our busy day! Today is another busy day ahead, so I really need to get it together and get going! 

We'll see you all here tomorrow for our latest Amazon purchases.

-Ashley & Ella xoxo


  1. I'm going to need the tofu recipe, yum! I love the matching yellow too. My kids used to like to drink water out of coffee cups so they could pretend they were drinking coffee like me!

  2. I love your tiered tray, and you will get a lot of use out of that fun wagon! Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  3. Loved Ella yellow and blue outfit - too cute!


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