Happy Valentine's Day // Friday Favorites

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Happy FRI(YAY!) and Valentines Day everyone! I love when special days fall on a Friday or a weekend, it just makes the day that much better. This is Michael and I's 9th Valentine's Day together... (holy crap) and our 2nd with our sweet girl. I shared a very brief throwback post from Valentines Day last year earlier this month, although it wasn't very exciting. I also shared a post about what Michael and I do for date nights if you want to read that post as well! 

Today I am sharing some of my favorite moments from the week... It was a weird week for us again, because unfortunately Michael and I came down with some random bug that lasted 48 hrs... We had  Michael's parents take Ella for 2 nights, so she didn't get sick. We really missed our girl as she almost never spends the night away from home. She left Wednesday morning, I spent all day Wednesday resting and we got her Friday morning.. This gave us plenty of time to rest and disinfect the house!

Here are our [favorites] from the (short) week.


We were TWINNING! Matching outfits with my peanut is my FAVORITE.

I know Ella is definitely NOT going to want to wear matching outfits with me as she gets older, so I have to take advantage now. We wore comfy black sweats, sneakers, white shirts and our jean jackets... I think we look cute! I took this picture using my self-timer, which is why we look so weird. Ha!


Ella looking like a boss on her way to the park... sunglasses from The Dollar Tree and the purse came from Grandma!

Nothing makes me happier than watching this girl run and play. Park mornings are my favorite kind of mornings, especially when the weather is GORGEOUS like it was on this day.


I said I wasn't going to get Ella anything for Valentine's Day, but I just couldn't help myself... I did keep it minimal though and made sure it wasn't 'stuff' that would clutter our home.

 I got her a very small box of chocolates and a coloring book. I got both at The Dollar Tree and for $2 I made her SO happy... She loves flipping through her new coloring book. Happy Ella = my fave!

We also got some little Valentines together for her friends and putting them together was my favorite. Ella helped me put them together which was so cute...

So cute, right? We got the little bags at the Target dollar spot.

Each friend got a fruit leather, a peanut butter cup and a container of bubbles. Super easy and cheap! She is going to deliver them to her friends very soon!


To practice for Valentines Day morning I made Ella chocolate chip pancakes with raisins on the side. Her favorite!

She loved it so much, I think it was her favorite breakfast of the week! We use this 7 grain flax seed pancake mix, so I feel less guilty giving her pancakes when I know it's more nutrient dense than bisquick or something.


We have been consciously trying to eat healthier and do more cooking at home. Easy but healthy meals are my favorite.

This veggie stir fry was so good and so easy.

-Bell pepper
-Green beans
-Carrot ribbons
-Bamboo shoots
-Water chestnuts
-Stir fry sauce
-Brown rice

BAM! Took me almost no time to make, the veggies were already prepped and it was yummy and fresh.

I have been keeping my lunches healthy too...

Leftover couscous, steamable veggies and beets.

We've been trying to keep Ella healthy but full at the same time. If I only gave her 100% healthy clean foods, she would be starving all day. I try to give her the things she likes, with a few things that are good for her too.

I love seeing my girl eat happily and knowing we're still making some healthy choices.


Ella and I spent some time at the park together. The weather FINALLY warmed up! 

So sweet!!! Andddd Ella had so much she was all smiles the rest of the day.

See? :D


Summer is my favorite! And to be honest, I can't wait for 70-80 degree days... and the beach, and the constant sunshine. Ahh, I can't wait. I have been looking at swimsuits for the summer time... and I found these cute ones that are my current FAVES. 

Baby Girls Toddler One Piece Swimsuit Long Sleeve UPF 50+ Sun Protection (Pale Purple, 18-24 Months)

Ella would be so sweet in this one. I love all the sun protection and the matching hat is just so darn cute.

Also found this one which is equally as cute.


And for myself I found a couple I liked too...

This one looks super flattering. 

Love this one too... not sure if the plunging neckline is for me but would be worth trying on!

Well that's all for our favorites this week... Wednesday into Thursday were spent resting and relaxing... So no pics of those days. & just a quick thank you to all of our followers for support. We appreciate you all and we can't wait to grow this little space and see how far we can go. For now, I am having so much fun sharing our life with you! xo

Happy Valentine's Day from our family to yours.


  1. Love the matching outfits. Ella's clothes are so cute! The stir fry sounds great too!

  2. I love that blue and white bathing suit! I bought each of my boys a small box of candy and a book too.

  3. Love the matching outfits! And your valentine's too :)


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