Friday Favorites

Hi everyone, and happy Friday! We are so excited that Friday is finally here! What a week... It was a long one but a good one. I work today from 7-4 and tomorrow from 8-12. I feel like I haven't been working as much lately, so I am ready to have some productive days. Michael is leaving this morning to go snowboarding for the weekend. He has been looking forward to this trip for sooo long, so I am so glad he gets to go. That means it's just Ella and I all weekend long and I'm not mad ;)

Now before we start our day, we wanted to share our Friday favorites with you. Some of our favorite moments, meals, purchases and 'stuff' from our week. Here we go...


We added a few Valentine's day decorations to the apartment and that has been my favorite. I love switching out decorations, especially on my bookshelf & my tiered tray! Decorating for the holidays and maintaining our clean, organized and minimal space is a balance for sure. When I pack older decor away in storage, I always have to ask myself if it's worth it. And it is. I love decorating!


We have been eating healthy around here! Part of my goal for this year was to not only take better care of myself, but take better care of the planet. One huge contributor to global warming is eating meat. This was surprising news for me to hear. Now, I can't cut meat out of my diet all-together; I was raised eating meat and I enjoy eating meat. But I do want to reduce how much meat I am consuming. Less meat = more veggies, and my body has been loving it. This decision has been one of my favorites because I am loving how I feel.


Also on topic with eating healthier... My new favorite SMOOTHIE! This was a smoothie I used to drink often, but I stopped. Why? I have no idea. It is SO yummy and Ella has been loving it too. I am going to share the recipe with you all soon.

Ella brought her smoothie to-go at her Dr's appointment on Monday.


I have really been wanting to start diffusing oils in our apartment. I have a friend who distributes doTERRA, and offered to order me a diffuser. I chose this one and I can't WAIT to get it.  


Ella's new wagon is her FAVORITE thing ever. She loves cruising around town in her wagon. On Tuesday, I took her to the park, realized it was way too windy to play and then we headed to the library instead. Ella loved it so much!


(These pics are just to show off her cute outfit)

Ella loves playing with the giant doll house at the library. She is way too disruptive for story time, so we have to stay toward the back. Despite the occasional scene, we really do love the library big time!!! It has been a new favorite place for Ella.


Ella had her 15 month check up with her Dr. She is in the 75th percentile for height and weight. She weighs 23 lbs and is 31 inches long. The Dr confirmed what we already knew... she is perfect! :) She did have to get some shots, so we spent much of the afternoon cuddling which is ALWAYS my favorite.


Seven --

My sister sent me this collage of pictures of my niece Kaylie and I bawled immediately after opening it. Her and Ella are only 6 weeks apart. But due to the distance, I have only met her once. Which is a little heart breaking... This had to be my favorite mail of the week! I can't wait to go visit Maine again soon.


Wednesday was Ella's first time spending a day with a babysitter... And it went surprisingly well. I had to work on Wednesday and while Michael's Mom is back, we want to give her a few days to settle back in. My friend Samantha's cousin offered to watch her for us. I brought her to Samantha's house so she could be there with my friend (who she knows) and Samantha's other children. I figured being around other kids would make her more comfortable and I was right.

That last photo is not the best example, hahaha. But she really did have a great day. She ate like normal, napped her usual 2 hours and didn't cry once! She is so big and brave.

And those are my favorites from the week. I hope you all have a great weekend!!! 

-Ashley & Ella 

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  1. Glad you found a babysitter that Ella did well with! My brother lives in Atlanta and I know what you mean about the distance. He's youngest just turned 2 and until Thanksgiving I'd only met him once! Now we've seen him 3 times.

    1. Distance really is hard! I am glad you've gotten to see your nephew many times though. Once Ella is older and a better traveler I plan to go much more often! <3

  2. What a great week! So glad to hear how Ella did with a babysitter, funny that sometimes I think it is actually harder for us parents lol! Ro goes to a small in home daycare 4 days a week and absolutely LOVES it, then is with my mom on Fridays and my parents are the only ones who have ever babysit for us outside of daycare...think we're going to try a babysitter later this month for a date night!

    1. We definitely want Ella to go to daycare soon, to get some socialization. Most of the good daycares out here have really long wait lists... it's crazy! We are really lucky to have my mother in law in the meantime. Date nights are sooo needed so make sure you guys do that! We have only done true date nights a few times and I want to start doing it more.


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