Friday Favorites

Hi friends! Happy Friday! We are here to share our FAVORITE moments from both LAST week and THIS week. Because we were sick last week, I didn't have time to do much blogging. But this Friday we are all feeling much better and excited to share with you guys xo.

These are some favorite moments from last week.


Monday was a holiday so I had the day off!!! The entire day was a FAVORITE because it was a perfect combination of productive and lazy... I love quality time with my sweetie. In my experience, most dental offices don't close for Presidents' Day, but I gladly took the day off. Being home so much the last few weeks has me wanting to stay home more permanently... but that's a decision for another day. Ella and I went to Burlington Coat Factory in the morning, mostly to browse and walk around. Ella had so much fun playing with their baskets...

And of course we came home with a new toy for Ella... Oops! She LOVES animals and everytime we see a pet loses her mind. I thought this moving/hopping rabbit would itch that scratch for her, and it totally does. She absolutely loves it! 

We played with blocks almost all day long... I love watching Ella use her imagination to build. 

And don't even ask about her hair... She wouldn't let me put it up. I choose my battles... 

We switched it up and went to the Marina Park instead of our usual...

There were some new friends there and Ella loved watching them/playing with them. All 3 of them were throwing sand and the Dad and I were getting frustrated... So I ran to my car and grabbed some plastic easter eggs for them to play with... They kept all 3 kids entertained for at least 20 minutes!!

Ella was excited when they left and she got to play with all 3 eggs by herself... LOL. We are working on sharing.

Even though I already had a dinner planned, we stopped by Mcdonalds on the way home... I was craving a Mcdonald's cheeseburger in the absolute worst way. It hit me out of nowhere... and no I am not pregnant, but I still get food cravings. I have been eating really healthy lately, so I decided to give in to my craving... and I regret NOTHING.

I decided to get Ella her first Happy Meal, although I was skeptical on whether she would like it. 

Not sure at first... "Mom are you sure this is dinner? It's a box..."


She drank the milk (all 8 oz) and ate her apples first. Good girl! Then she attacked the entire container of fries and took down 2 1/2 chicken nuggets. I couldn't believe how much she ate.


While this will be a super rare treat, I now know that a happy meal does indeed make my child HAPPY!

After dinner, we washed up and put on PJs early. Ella had no screen time all day long (my new goal is to limit screen time to less than 1 hr per day- this includes youtube simple songs-- her FAVORITE) so I put on a movie for her. This was when I started to notice Ella not feeling well and assumed it was her Mcdonalds... (we find out later it was just a stomach virus... a contagious one.)

She was so happy to rest with Minnie on the couch and watch a movie. I really think Ella takes after me because she is such a couch potato. I could literally watch movies on the couch all day if I had the time, and I know Ella could too... hence our limit on screen time for her. But overall Monday was a GLORIOUS day and just makes me so thankful for my simple days with my boogs. It was definitely my favorite day of the week because the rest of the week stunk.


Favorite internet finds that week...

HAHA! This is how I feel when Michael wants to charge his phone in my car... He always checks to see where my percentage is at, and then if it's lower than his he says "well your battery is better than mine, so I'm going to charge..." We now keep 2 charging cables in the car for this reason.

SO true. For us, it was The Grinch, Secret Life of Pets 2 and Word Party. I could quote them all. Thankfully the last few days she has very limited screen time and most of the time I play Simple Songs on youtube for her instead of tv/movies.

Unfortunately the rest of the week stunk. Tuesday Ella threw up all day, Wednesday we were in recovery mode and Thursday is when I started to get sick. I had to call out Wednesday for Ella and then on Friday for myself... Sigh.

And now our favorite moments from this week, a much happier week! :) 



Oversized cardigans are a favorite... This one was WAY too big for her, but I couldn't resist. She looked so sweet in it. If anyone knows where I can get more cardigans for cheap, please let me know. We are experiencing warmer weather, and I like cardigans because they are light and easy to remove when it gets more warm as the day goes by.



Surprise Tuesdays off with Dad are a favorite! We went for a walk, played at the park, and stopped by the donut shop on the way home....


Ella loved her donut! We live right next door to the nicest donut shop with such sweet owners...

Did you guys ever read this story???

Well that's the shop we live near! I was so happy to see their story go National. Seal Beach really is a caring and close knit community. We love it here and supporting all the small businesses.


Ella's new shirt is my favorite! "Daddy won't. Mommy might. Grandma will." So true! Except Daddy gives in a lot too...

I think yellow is a good color on my girl! :) We got it at The Children's Place at the mall for 4$.


After everyone was recovered from being sick, I had to deep clean our apartment and disinfect everything... which felt sooo good! 
Ella's sweet little nursery all picked up is my favorite spot in our home. It's a calming but fun space for her. You should have seen this room before... I never thought we'd be able to create this sort of room for Ella, but we pulled it off. It looks especially nice when it's CLEAN! 


Sprouts is our FAVORITE place to buy fresh fruits and veggies. I had a long lunch break on Wednesday, so I can to Sprouts to stock up on fruit, yogurt and milk.

Filling our fridge with delicious treats is my favorite.


Getting back in my scrubs and in my work routine has been good for me. I like getting out of the house and working. My work family is like a second family. 


On Thursday Michael had the day off with Ella, but I was working. He met our friend Jena and her daughter at story time.

Are they so sweet? Ella always looks so grumpy, but I swear she's happy. Seeing this picture after a long day away from my boogs was a FAVORITE.


On Wednesday we linked up with Shay and Sheaffer for a What's Up Wednesday post. One of my favorite link ups of the month! 

And on Thursday, Adrienne and I co-hosted our 2nd ever "What's In My..." post. We shared what was in our purses! We hope you will link up with us next month. In March we'll be looking in your 'storage closets' or hallway closets... just in time for Spring cleaning. I can't wait to see how you all organize your closets! If you decide to, here is our graphic & list of monthly topics.


Ahhh and that's it for our favorites this week. It's 5 am and I hear Ella crying, so it's off to start our day, bright and early.. Sigh! Have a great weekend everyone!

-Ashley & Ella xoxo


  1. Ella looked so happy eating her McDonalds. So I'm guessing that's not what made her sick?

    1. That was what I thought. I kept blaming myself and was so frustrated I even let her try it... that was until Thursday when I started getting sick. Her doctor had suspected the stomach virus going around and boy was she right!

  2. That phone charging meme is exactly my husband & I too lol! Glad everyone is back to healthy :)


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