What's Up Wednesday

Hi everyone! We are here for another edition of What's Up Wednesday. We are linking up with Sheaffer & Shay for today's post. We'll be catching you up on what we've been up to lately... To catch up with us on the daily, you should follow us on Instagram!

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What We're Eating This Week-

Monday- Chinese food from Mike's parents-- they know we work late on Mondays and they had Ella. So when they dropped her off they also dropped off food. We are so thankful and fortunate to have them! 
Tuesday- Veggie burgers and corn on the cob
Wednesday- Bi bim bap bowls
Thursday- Pizza and salad
Friday- Leftovers/freezer meals

We've also been making our favorite green smoothie on repeat for breakfasts and snacks... And I love using our Blendtec blender... it guarantees a smooth consistency every time.

If you need a good blender, the Blendtec really is great. We were trying to decide between that or the Vitamix but most reviews reported the Blendtec was quieter, so that's what we went with and I have 0 regrets!!! 

Ella's been eating her typical meals, that always look a little something like this:


Ella is picky... and obviously prefers salty and sweet foods. We try really hard to give her healthy foods that she actually likes.

What I'm Reminiscing About-

I am literally always reminiscing about baby Ella... I can't believe how fast time goes.


What We're Loving-

While I adored having some extra time with my cutie pie, I did not enjoy being sick and missing work... I really do love that I am back into my normal working schedule. I missed my patients, coworkers and cleaning teeth! 

Ella has been loving spending time with her Grandma, since she hasn't seen her as much over the last month. Extra Mommy-Ella time was amazing, but being back in a normal routine is nice for her too.

What We've Been Up To-

Besides dying of colds, the flu, stomach viruses and strep throat...? 


Okay, dramatic... but I am SO sick of everyone being sick. Now that everyone is finally feeling better, we are all working on our health, in hopes we can keep a healthy streak going!!! (At least until the next flu season strikes.) Michael still hasn't been able to get back into his gym routine, so I know he's anxiously waiting. I have to start running, as I am planning on running a 10k with my friend Samantha next month. I haven't really trained because we've been sick, but I still want to give it my best shot. Ella has been LOVING walking independently, and taking mini hikes with us (and refuses to let us hold her...) She wants to do the walking all on her own! 

My big girl doesn't need us to hold her hand... she likes 'hiking' all on her own! :)

I have also been disinfecting and cleaning our place like crazyyyy!

 What We're Dreading-

Not too much! I am nervous for my 10k, but not exactly dreading it. I just know that because I signed up late and we were all sick immediately after that I won't really have a great time and may have to walk some of it... but crossing that finish line is my only goal.

What We're Working On-

I am working on filling in my planner with important birthdays and holidays, so I can be more prepared about sending gifts & cards BEFORE those special days come. I still have gifts to mail to Maine and it's awful! I am so forgetful and have been sending things 1-2 months late.. Sorry fam!

What We're Excited About-

A few things...

First of all, our next Disneyland trip.

Not sure when we'll be going next, but I am ready!!! I want to get the maximum value out of my annual pass.

Michael and I are also looking forward to seeing Post Malone in concert next month. He is one of my favorites!!! 

What We're Watching/Reading-

Somehow I caught on to Vampire Diaries a little late... 

Image result for vampire diaries

But I am obsessed! I have been watching it every night when Ella goes to bed. We only have 1 TV so Michael has been really good about letting my hog it. He has been watching sports on his laptop and using his new airpods that I got him for his birthday! He is loving them and they were a great deal on Amazon.

I have been feeling a little stressed lately, so I have been reading through this book when I need a reminder to practice being mindful. 

What We're Listening To-

Michael and I have been listening to Post-Malone to prepare for our concert.

Ella has been LOVING singing and dancing to this video on Youtube...

She is so cute when she follows along too.

What We're Wearing-

I shared an entire post about our winter wardrobes here...

It's slowly starting to warm up, and I am looking forward to shorts, sandals and t-shirts! I am working on a post of some of my favorite Spring/Summer attire and I can't wait to share it with you.

What We're Doing this Weekend-

This weekend I am taking Ella to the zoo and we might do a family day trip to Palm Springs! It all depends on how we are all feeling.

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  1. You talking about remembering to send things reminded me that I need to mail something too. If I lived near Disney I'd go once a week! I hope you get back there soon.

    1. I still haven't gone to mail it. Sigh. Maybe today if I remember!!! :P And yes me too. Now with coronavirus, we may not be going back to Disneyland right now.. at least until the number of cases slows down.

  2. I'm sorry you've had a rough month of sickness. I hope it's gone for good now.

    And we're going to California in May and we asked our kids if they wanted to go to Disney. They said, "No." I have weird children :)

    1. It's been the worst and now I have a cold! I can't win in February... hoping for a healthier March! :)
      I can't believe your kids didn't want to go.. but hey, better for you! Disney is too expensive.

  3. I'm so glad you're starting to feel better. It's not fun. Enjoy Disney and Post Malone.

  4. That was so nice that Mike's parents dropped off food on your late night! Ugh, what a rough month of sickness though. Hope you get to enjoy your weekend :)

    1. They do it often for us. Sometimes I don't know how we would survive without their help hahaha. And thank you!

  5. So sorry you've all been sick! That's never any fun. I hope everyone stays healthy for a nice long time now.

  6. I'm new here and I'm confused-- I don't see where the Link Up is?

    Liberty from B4andAfters.com

  7. Are you looking for the what's up wednesday link up? That is hosted by Shay and Sheaffar so you have to find that on their blog!!! (Usually at the bottom.) If you are looking to link up with my new segment with Adrienne, you can find that post here-- https://www.adventureswithellamarie.com/2020/02/whats-in-my-purse.html


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