Friday Favorites

Sharing some of our favorites from this week.

These blocks have been Ella's favorite lately. She loves taking them in and out of this basket, and loves knocking them down when I stack them up really high. 

Ella's favorite snuggle buddy lately and I am shocked she's not scared of it. Every picture I have of her with him is totally blurry because she's always throwing him around. We got him at Ikea.

Ella enjoys feeding herself, but also really enjoys oatmeal. She hasn't figured out how to use a spoon yet, so the squeeze packs are a great alternative while we work on mastering the spoon.

Ella has been sleeping on her stomach out of NO WHERE this week. Now that she has discovered how cozy it is, she has been sleeping like that for every nap and bedtime. It's so cute actually.

Making silly faces has been and will always be a favorite of Ella's. 

NOT a favorite was having mommy work Thursday 10-7, Friday 7-4 and Saturday 8-12. BOO! We are going to snuggle up and have as much fun as we can for the rest of our short weekend.

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