Favorite Foods

Sharing some of Ella's favorite food combos so far! She LOVES food she can eat by herself.

Steamed salmon, broccoli, summer squash and snow peas. She loved all of this because she was able to feed herself everything! 50%+ ends up on the floor.

Pasta with ground turkey sauce (big enough chunks so she can grab them) string cheese, green peas and golden kiwi. She takes after me with her love for pasta. She likes the shaped pasta because it's easier for her to grab. I make it on the mushy side so easier to chew with her gums, and less of a choking hazard. 

Baby cereal pancakes (will share recipe soon) topped with peanut butter, blueberries, and 1/4 hard boiled egg. We tested out the high allergy foods early and Ella did great with everything. She can have peanut butter and egg whites all day long without a problem. 

Shredded chicken, black beans, corn, avocado. If Michael and I are having tacos, burritos or a chili, I will just set aside some ingredients for Ella and make her own version of what we're having.

Baby cereal pancakes! 

Plain Greek yogurt with chopped golden kiwi. Ella likes this as a snack, but the fruit has to be well mixed in, or the yogurt is too sour for her. 

Some non-pictured favorites are...
-Porridge from Grandma
-Butternut squash

What do your little ones love to eat?

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