Before our Adventure: Pregnancy


Just a little bean! 9 weeks.

Our birth announcement. I was convinced it was a boy...

It's a girl! 14 weeks.

3-D Scan at 14 weeks. Creepy! 

Anatomy scan. 20 weeks.

Not so creepy 3-D Scan. I can see her sweet little face. 32 weeks?

Bump Pics (in no particular order)




This last pic was the day before I went into labor!

Preparing the Nursery

Palm Springs Trip/Babymoon

Once we knew we were going to be parents, we wanted to do as much together as possible. We spent a lovely weekend in Palm Springs. I was still feeling sick from am-pm, but we had a great time!

Baby Shower 

Our friend Maureen made these macarons. 

And what a cute cupcake-cake.

The friends behind the shower. Grateful for them.

These pictures feel like such a long time ago. We had our shower over a year ago!

The Hospital Photos

I sent this pic to my sister to let her know it was time. I remember being so happy because I had my epidural (NO MORE PAIN) and was just waiting.

One of our first moments together. Sweet girl.

Captured this sweet moment from my hospital bed.

Ella has changed our lives completely and I wouldn't want it any other way! Every single day I am in awe of her, and can't believe I am lucky enough to be her Mom. 

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