Friday Favorites

This week was a long and hard one for us. Michael was in classes all weekend and didn't get a break before starting a week of work. I normally have Tuesdays and every other Friday off, but I am filling in for other hygienists this week, which means I work every day this week. Full time working Moms, how do you do it?? Needless to say I am exhausted and Ella misses her Mommy time! 

Mondays I get to go into work late and start at 11. This means lots of morning snuggles. You can't tell by her face, but this is favorite for BOTH of us... :)


This adorable outfit is a favorite of ours. Our next door neighbors (who have since moved) got this outfit for Ella when she was just a newborn! I remember thinking it was going to take forever before it ever fit. It only took 10 months. It's a size 18 months and the cutest. I love the little cardigan! 

Grandma got creative with Ella's hair on Tuesday. She sent me these pictures when I was at work and I literally cried. I can't believe how grown by baby is! STOP GROWING!

Evening walks when Mom gets out of work are a favorite! (Unless Ella is already in bed-BOO!)

Two favorites in one. Ella has MASTERED her sippy cup, and loves drinking out of it. Hopefully this makes dropping her bottles easier. She was carrying this picture of her and her Dad around with her on Wednesday night and it was the cutest thing. She would hold it up and say "Dadda!" My heart! 

Some of Ella's favorite foods from the week. Ground turkey burger cut up into bite size pieces (easy for little fingers) green peas and animal-shaped pasta. Ella loved all of these foods! 

Melissa & Doug My First Sidewalk Chalk Set With Holders - 4 Chalk Sticks and 4 Holders

I found this chalk set at Sprouts during my lunch break Wednesday. I thought it was super cute and was only $5. I decided to grab it as a possible stocking stuffer, but may give it to her as one of her birthday presents if she seems ready for it.

Those are our 'favorites' from the week... I can't wait until the weekend, when I can spend some actual quality time with my girl. I hope you all had a great week and have some fun weekend plans ahead!

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  1. I love reading about ella’s favorite things! She already has such a great personality


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