Weekend Recap

Recapping our weekend! 

Saturday started off early! I woke up fairly early, 5:30ish?? I enjoyed some coffee/me time. Ella woke up at 7 and was ready to go! We ate some breakfast, got dressed and headed out! Michael went off to work and we left to do some grocery shopping. 

I was shocked that we were out the door by 8 am, and had to take a picture!

We made it to Trader Joes before the big crowd, which was great. Click HERE to see what we got and some of our favorite healthy options! 

After grocery shopping, we swung by home to put stuff away. Then we went to The Dollar Tree to see what Fall/Halloween decorations they had out. I always find cute decorations there! We also got some favors for Ella's birthday favor bags.

After shopping Ella took an hour nap and woke up ready for some lunch. Chicken, salmon, pasta and mixed green veggies. She ate the entire plate, I was so impressed! She's still learning to use her Camelback water bottle. We're practicing.

Michael had a cancellation at work, so I headed in for a cleaning! It was about a 40 minute drive, but worth it because my teeth feel much better! 

Ella had a great time hangin out with her Dad. She also got to meet his coworkers who helped keep her entertained during my cleaning.

Once we got home from Michael's work, we headed to South Coast Plaza. I had been wanting to take Ella to a fun/big mall, and there's a Chinese restaurant Michael wanted to take us to for dinner.

Ella enjoyed the beef noodle soup, the broccoli, spinach, shredded chicken and some rice. She actually ate quite a lot, I was surprised. She's never had food that is so salty/seasoned before, but she drank quite a bit of water with her food. She's growing up so fast! She slurped down her noodles like she knew what she was doing. :( My baby!

After dinner, I really wanted to take Ella on the carousel. We waited in line and it only cost $1 for her. As you can see, I struggled to strap her in and had absolutely no clue what I was doing. I'm glad she knew to hold on tight!

She had so much fun! 

Once we got home from the mall, it was bed time for Ella and I am fairly certain I fell asleep before 9pm. 

Sunday began early again. I woke up at 5:30 am. I put away the dried dishes, washed a few dirty ones that we left overnight (oops) and made some coffee. I enjoyed coffee time and me time before Ella got up around 6:30 am. She drank a bottle and played with her toys until breakfast at 7:30.

After breakfast, Ella and I got dressed and headed to the mall to drop off some clothes for donation. 

My partner in crime! I love these bins because I can just park next to them, throw the bags inside and go! We went to Target and I may have gotten Ella some Birthday/Christmas presents... :)

Ella took a nap from 10-11:15. And then, lunch time!

All ready to go on an adventure with Mom and Dad!

Her adorable outfit came from her "Aunt" Jena who has an online children's clothing boutique. 

Lunch for Michael and I, with a view! Poke, crab cocktail, and grilled salmon salad. Yum!

She was a bit stinky at lunch. 

Popbar for dessert.

Ella tried a bite of Michael's watermelon pop. She was a fan. 

Ella playing in the kid's area at Pacific City. 

After leaving Pacific City we spent the rest of the night at home. Ella played with her toys while we relaxed, did some light cleaning and 2 loads of laundry. We tried putting Ella down for her 2nd nap and she literally cried off/on for 30 minutes before we decided to just let her skip the nap and we'll put her to bed early... Michael put Ella to bed at 6 while I was making dinner. 

We ate dinner, did some more housework and I ended the night watching Season 3 of Thirteen Reasons Why. 

That was our weekend! How was yours?

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