Friday Favorites

Linking up with some of our favorite bloggers today, and sharing all of our favorites from the week!

Mornings at the beach and park. These pics are from Monday before work! I love going into work a bit later, so I can enjoy the early morning with my sweet girl. There's this great bakery on Main Street, so I stopped to get a bagel for myself and Ella was begging for a bite!

These are from Tuesday. Our day off together :) Ella is going to love coming to the park when she can walk. She loves standing and holding onto the equipment, I know she'll have a blast when she can run around. 

The last picture... HAHA! I love when she puts her foot up on the stroller. She makes herself quite cozy everywhere she goes.

Someone is putting water on her favorite list this week... She is obsessed and also really loves her cup. This is going to be a life saver when we have to get rid of all bottles! She has already cut one out of her routine already and we are down to 3 a day.

We got the Munchkin cup on Amazon here.

Ella loves when we play with her feet while she's eating. This is the look I get if I tickle her toes. It's PRECIOUS and this picture might be my favorite of the entire week. Ella was enjoying some cucumbers (not a huge fan) and white rice with her lunch. <3 

All of a sudden, Ella loves this song from The Grinch, hahahaha!

She also tries to dance when she hears this song, and that's definitely a favorite. Anytime she hears an upbeat song, you'll see a little bit of 'dancing' as I call it. So cute.

Tacos, Margaritas, and a walk by the Marina. You guys are going to think I don't cook! HAHA. We have been going out to eat a lot lately... I am planning on doing a better weekend meal prep to avoid eating out constantly. But taco Tuesday is kind of our thing. $3 tacos and $4 margs. You really can't go wrong!

Mom's ground turkey & mushroom sauce and pasta was a favorite this week. The mess she made while eating it was not! :) 


That's all I have for favorites this week. We hope you all had a nice week and have an even better weekend! Are you and your family doing anything fun this long weekend???

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  1. Gahhhh! Sooo cute. So much fun! You guys always are out having fun!


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