Weekend recap

We had a great weekend! I was off Friday-Sunday. Michael just had to work until 3 on Saturday, so we got to spend lots of time together as a family. Friday morning we went to a local cafe for a late breakfast. Ella and I shared some eggs and toast! Michael got the avocado toast. After breakfast, we headed to the beach to enjoy some sunshine. 

I got to lay in the sun for a while. Michael stayed with Ella in her pop-up tent, reading. She spent most of the time just rubbing the sides of the tent. She's really into textures and funky sounds. She liked the scratchy noise.

A little bit of park play at the beach before walking home! We spent the rest of our Friday just hanging out at home and getting chores done. We may have ordered pizza delivery for dinner. :)

Saturday Michael had to work until 3. Ella and I had a slow morning at home, eating breakfast, playing with toys etc. Our usual. Ella took a nap until 11. As soon as she woke up, I packed her and a bag of our stuff to take to our friend Samantha and Tyler's house for a play date.

Ella played with their kids, Evie and Carson. Ella was really into all their fun toys, and Samantha's hairbrush. She practiced a lot of standing on this day. I think seeing the big kids walking maybe motivated her a little. We went home around 2, so Ella could take her afternoon nap around 2:30. By the time I was done putting her down, Michael had gotten home from work (a little early- yay!) We ate together, went for a walk and played. Saturday night we visited his parent's house to say hi and use their hot tub. Ella stayed inside and played with grandma & grandpa while we got to relax.

Sunday morning we were planning on taking Ella to the park but it was sooo crowded. We decided to skip the park and just sit on a bench on the pier and watch the surfers. Ella actually had a great time! She's definitely my little beach girl.

We had lunch plans with Michael's parents for the afternoon. We packed our pool stuff just in case we felt like taking a swim. Big surprise, we did.

We ate a yummy lunch and all went for a dip- even Ella. She absolutely LOVES the water. This girl is so lucky that grandma and grandpa have a pool at their condo. And so are we! After swimming, we returned home for baths, showers, eating and downtime. It was not the most productive weekend I've ever had, but there was a lot of sun and swimming involved, and I can't complain about that! The week will be extra busy catching up on the chores that I missed.

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