What's Up Wednesday

Once a month some of my favorite bloggers do a What's Up Wednesday post, and I decided to link up and join them. We'll be sharing what we're up to this week!

1: What we're eating this week:

I try to always have a meal plan in mind based on what proteins and veggies we have. I always have a rough plan of what I want to make, but we do switch it up if we feel like something else, or if we're blessed with a MIL that wants to cook for us. For example, Monday night Michael's Mom had made us some food, so I didn't end up cooking at all.

The little meal plan section of my Happy Planner is so helpful! I love my Happy Planner it keeps me totally on track! The stickers and accessories are a bonus.

Tuesday, Michael wanted to go out for tacos. I happily agreed.
Ella had a good time as well. You cant go wrong with tacos and margaritas at happy hour!

You can find Ella's Munchkin cup on Amazon, here.. It's her favorite cup and has made dropping bottles so much easier!

2. What I'm reminiscing about:

Ella being a baby! She grew so fast. How sweet is she?? I miss that outfit and those little socks. I am going to go through old pics and select my faves for a Throwback Thursday post tomorrow!

3. What we're loving:

Spending time with this guy! We love time off together as a family.

4. What we've been up to:

A whole lot of work! Michael and I have been busy with work lately! 

5. What we're dreading:

Nothing right now!

6. What we're working on: 

I have been working hard on this blog and it continues to be a daily project. Ella is working hard on crawling, standing and talking! Here is her practicing her standing at the park.

7. What I'm excited about: 

Photo: Blake Bronstad 

Our upcoming weekend overnight trip to Santa Barbara.

8. What we're watching/reading:

Teen Mom OG is my Monday show. Guilty pleasure!

AGT is my Tuesday show

Impractical Jokers is my everyday show!

Ella's favorite show is Word Party on Netflix. Each episode is only 10-15 minutes, which is great. We limit screen time but this show is her favorite and I can't deny her something that makes her SO happy.

As far as reading, I have been very bad about sticking with a book. I do have a new book downloaded on my Kindle and I really need to stick to reading overnight before bed if I ever want to finish it!

Ella enjoys all the books on her shelf, but especially likes the books with flaps to open, because she tries to destroy them.

This is her fave right now.

9. What we're listening to:


Post Malone


Lewis Capaldi 

The Jonas Brothers

Lil Nas X

Ed Sheeran

10. What we're wearing:

I've been wearing a lot of scrubs. And when I am not in scrubs, my Mom uniform looks like this

Ella is the stylish one, and always has a cute outfit on! 

11. What we're doing this weekend:

Saturday will be a housework/chill day. But we have a lot of fun planned with our overnight in SB planned Sun-Mon.

12. What we're looking forward to next month:

Well I am looking forward to a bachelorette party and a wedding next month! I am also looking forward to watching Ella continue learning to move. She is so close to crawling and standing independently. 

13. What else is new?

Ella is now able to sit up by herself. She goes from laying flat on her back, rolls to her belly, gets on her knees and sits up. New for her!

***Question for experienced bloggers. My home page is not displaying many posts, even though in my settings, I have selected for the homepage to display up to 8. Not sure if it's the blogger template or what the problem is, but I would love your help!***

Thanks for joining us for What's Up Wednesday, and thanks to the link up hosts! We will see you tomorrow for some throwback Thursday pics! 

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