Trader Joe's Favorites

Saturday morning, Ella and I went to Trader Joe's to get some fresh produce, proteins and flowers for the week. We don't go all the time, as our local store is always PACKED, but I try to make it over at least once a month. I love their options! We also shop at Sprouts, Ralphs and Pavilions. We aren't a 'one grocery store' family.

Here's Ella helping me shop. She is always in charge of the car keys and my grocery bag. She loves shopping and being out and about. 

Here are some of the random things we like to buy:

I have never tried their salad dressing, but this one is made of almond butter and turmeric. I thought it sounded interesting and I thought it was a pretty color, but we'll see how that tastes.

The dark peanut butter cups are a pantry staple for me. Michael doesn't like peanut butter that much, so those are pretty much 100% mine.

The veggie burgers and veggie patties are nice to have in the freezer for a quick snack or something to top our salads with.

The organic applesauce is for Ella- no added sugar! 

We love all the produce options! I like the carrots, apples and cucumbers as snacks.

The mushrooms go in our pasta sauce and with our steak.

Blueberries, peas, broccoli and squash are all of Ella's faves and mostly for her.

Tomatoes are great for salads. Ella likes tomatoes too!

The protein options are great and there are always organic and free-range options for the chicken/eggs. We also grabbed yogurt, salmon and tofu.

I also got some flowers (for me) and a birthday card for a co-worker.

Well that was our Saturday morning fun. 

What are your absolute Trader Joe's favorites?

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