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Happy Friday! I have never been so happy to see a Friday arrive, seriously. This week felt LONG! I just need to get through 8 patients today and I get to spend the whole weekend with my loves. Yesterday was Michael and I's 8 year anniversary from when we started dating. We are celebrating with a nice dinner out when I get out of work. Ella is tagging along, and I can't wait to be with them.

Okay, favorites! I didn't take a lot of pics this week. So I am not sharing my traditional favorite moments of the week. I documented our entire day on Tuesday, so you can check that out here, if you are nosey like me and LOVE day in the life posts. Favorites this week are going to be my Amazon finds!

I love Amazon, and if you have visited my blog before, that's no surprise to you. Everything Ella owns is from Amazon ... seriously. We did a baby registry with Amazon and got almost everything we needed. Amazon is our go-to place when we need to buy something for the house or ourselves. The most amazing thing to me are their clothes!!! I was doing some "window" shopping, and I HAD to share some of my favorite finds with you...  

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I love a nice chunky sweater, and this one looks so soft and cozy.

I am not normally a mustard yellow fan, but I love this shirt. It's lightweight, so it's perfect for layering, or wearing toward the beginning of Fall when it's still quite warm.

The detail on the back of this sweater is my FAVORITE. I also love the combination of the black and gray, my two favorite colors to wear... :)

This cheetah print top is just too cute. I love it so much and I can't wait to add it to my own cart. The perfect casual top that still makes you look put together when you wear it.

This is actually a dress, how cute is this??? I might have to grab it, as it's under $20. Just like the sweater, it comes in many other colors too! The buttons down the side are such a fun little touch.

I am obsessed with this cheetah print dress. I love the looser fit and the detail of the sleeves. Super cute and can totally be dressed up or down.

This henley is a perfect staple to any wardrobe. I have a grey one, but it's tight and pretty uncomfortable. I prefer the looser fit of this Henley. Lots of color options but the white is my favorite.

I love this Henley too! This color is super Fall, but there are other color options!

The model makes this oversized pullover look SO cozy that I feel like I need it. I like the cream and green but it comes in lots of different colors!

These leggings! I have heard about them before and have been told "you need to get them!" I just haven't. They are compression leggings, designed to control the tummy region and make everything look nice and sleek/smooth. They are made of a higher quality material and designed for working out, but everyone I have talked to that has these says they wear them EVERYWHERE.

These Sam Edelman rain boots are amazing. I used to wear the long rubber rain boots in college but they were a bit clunky. I like that these are sleek and stylish but serve the same purpose in rainy weather.

I had a pair of these Steve Madden slip ons and they were/are my absolute favorite. I wore them so much that the sole is starting to wear, so I need to get myself a new pair. I was so excited to find them on Amazon for only $60.

I have a problem with sunglasses. I am terrible at taking care of them. I always drop them, sit on them, lose them etc. I rarely spend more than 10-15$ on a pair. If I were to invest in a nicer pair of shades, I would have to go with the Ray Ban aviators, this is the one style I don't have that I want, and they are on sale right now!

I have been looking for a big leather shoulder bag for a while. I love the color of this one, it looks super durable and the price is excellent.

Swarovski Crystal Bella Mini Pierced Rhodium Plated Earrings

I love these earrings and this style is super trendy right now. Right now they are 25% off!

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Thanks for checking out my favorites this morning.
We'll see you Monday for a recap of our weekend!


  1. Love the cheetah dress! May have to grab that one too :)

  2. Our Amazon wish lists are twinsies! LOVE all these finds.

  3. These are some super cute finds! I especially love the henley and the chunky sweater--they might have gone right in my own cart! :D

  4. You found some fabulous picks on Amazon - I am addicted myself! Ha!! Thanks so much for linking up with us today on the Style Six link up!

  5. I've never been a mustard fan until this season, too, and now I love wearing it! Thanks for linking up with us today!


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