Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone! I am so sad to see the work week here already... this weekend went by SOOO fast. Here are a few pics from Friday and our weekend.


This was the morning sunrise on Friday. I had to work 7-4 on Friday, so I was there early and the view from the balcony was gorgeous. It was a typical busy day at the office. I had a hair appointment scheduled for after work, just a trim. After my appointment, Michael and I decided to go check out this new indoor/outdoor shopping/eating plaza called 2nd and PCH. It had just opened that week. 

Super pretty! The carpet and stage is temporary and is only there for grand opening weekend! 

Ella liked watching all the other kids running around!

I loved all the lights and the ambience. 

We had a drink upstairs. Margaritas with tajin on the rim.

It's hard to see with the lighting, but the 'Sanderson sisters' from Hocus Pocus were there, entertaining the families before they played the film on the projector above the stage. It was a cute surprise and they did a great job behaving just like them.

We try to make sure Ella is in bed by 7/7:30, so we left shortly after our drinks and had an early night ourselves.


Saturday was another early day for me, I was up at 5. My dental office was sending the hygienists to LA for a dental hygiene conference. It was a long course but we got some good information on instrumentation. Hygienists are required to get CE credits to maintain their license.

The other hygienists I work with. 

After my conference, Michael texted me that he, Ella and our friends had met up at 2nd and PCH again for a concert and some food. I was exhausted but decided to meet them up anyway.

Ella tried her first french fry... and loved it!

This little girl had a great time, but skipped her second nap and got over tired in a hurry! I brought her home to put her to bed by 7:30.

Michael and I watched the movie Fractured on Netflix and called it a night. It was a twisted psychological thriller. It was pretty intense but kept our attention the whole time, which is hard to do! Lots of me trying to guess what was happening the whole time.

Image result for fractured netflix


Sunday began a bit slower which was nice. Ella didn't wake up until 7, so we got to 'sleep in.' 

We went for a morning walk to Main Street and grabbed breakfast at one of our favorite spots.

Ella ate lots of eggs, fruit, and toast. 

I had a fitness scramble with fruit and toast. The scrambled comes with egg whites, turkey, caramelized onions, parmesan and spinach. It is sooo yummy.

After breakfast, we went to the park and saw lots of our friends! 

We have been in the middle of a heat wave here, so the cool breezy morning was kind of nice.

We came home and our Hello Fresh package arrived, as well as some of Ella's birthday presents. 

Checking out her new stuff.

During Ella's morning nap, I did my best to deep clean the kitchen. I also showered and got ready. We went out to eat with Michael's parents to celebrate Michael's Dad's birthday, which was on the 23rd.

After lunch, we stopped at the park near their home.

Someone wanted her Daddy. Or the phone. Haha.

She loves wearing my sunglasses, but only for a second.

It was a fun trip to the park. 

We ended our Sunday night with baths, pajamas and then an evening walk to get some Gelato...

I got a hazelnut flavor and it was so yummy.

Ella was a big fan!

She took the spoon from me and everything! Haha!

Thanks for checking out our weekend!
& thanks to our hosts for the Hello Monday link up.

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Did you do anything fun this weekend?
What are your plans for Halloween?

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