Ella is One

I can't even believe my sweet girl is one already. When people tell you that the time goes fast, they aren't kidding. I always tell Michael, "think about the last year, we only get to do that 17 more times and she'll be graduating high school!" It is SO sad. I absolutely adore being a Mom and the bond I have with Ella is just the sweetest. She is my joy, and my little partner in crime.

Ella has such a sweet personality but is also very silly. She is a bit shy when meeting new people, but becomes comfortable very quickly. I love watching her explore, trying to figure things out, and seeing her discover or learn something new makes me so happy.

She is very close to walking and crawls like a champ. She is becoming pickier with her eating, and prefers carbs over anything else (wonder where she got that from...) Her other favorite foods are tofu, ground beef, chicken thigh, etc. Ella's favorite thing to do right now is to stand up wherever she can, and to open whichever doors she can. She loves going into her nursery and shutting the door on us. It's an early prediction of the upcoming teenage years. :) Ella celebrates her successes by clapping her hands and its is adorable. I hope she always celebrates herself and her accomplishments. 

I feel so lucky to be her Mom and that I get to raise this beautiful and sweet human being.

Now let's take a look at Ella over the last 12 months... 
I'm not crying.

Our first selfie together.

My sweet bundle.

Our car ride home from the hospital. I remember everyone told me it would feel so strange to take your baby home for the first time. I disagree. I was ready and thought it was amazing! It wasn't until the first couple of nights that it really hit me! 

Her first picture in her bassinet at home. I LOVE this picture.

Her first story!

First time doing tummy time. I told Michael we probably should have waited for the umbilical cord to fall off first... -_- He was too excited to get her started!

Ella's first Halloween... :)

Ella's first Thanksgiving! 


Ella's first Christmas and stocking.

Our first solo Drs appt. Success! My chunky girl.

First time I actually remembered to take a pic of Ella in the bath! She is so beautiful.

First chilly morning walk! I remember this day being one of the first really cold days and we had to bundle her up really good. She looks so sweet in her little hat.

First birthday party! Go Ella, nice wrapping paper! 

One of her first times swinging. Girl had no clue we would be spending A LOT of time in that swing.

First trip to the aquarium. 

First time going to Target and sitting in the big girl seat!

First trip to the beach!

First time trying cereal.

Ella's first nature walk.

First trip to Disneyland.

First ponytail! 

First breakfast date out with friends.

Ella's first Easter and basket.

First time at Taco Tuesday!

Ella on my first birthday since becoming a Mom.

Meeting Grampie (my Dad) for the first time.

One of our first visits to story time.

First trip to the zoo.

First time trying out one of these!

First time figuring out her bottle.

First trip to the Farmer's Market.

First time helping with laundry! 

First time trying the slide, even if she's going the wrong way.

One of her first experiences with sand and dry leaves... two of her favorite things!

First time in the pool.

Ella's first trip to Maine and meeting my siblings and her cousin for the first time.

Our first overnight trip to Santa Barbara.

First time playing with bubbles.

First time trying yogurt.

and some random pics I like...

We won the baby lottery when we had Ella. She is so sweet, funny and amazes me everyday. Being a Mom is the greatest joy in my life and I can't wait to watch her learn and grow.

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