What's Up Wednesday

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1. What We're Eating

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We signed up for Hello Fresh to help keep us on track with preparing our own meals at home. Meal prepping every week was a huge fail. I love that we are trying new recipes we wouldn't think to make, and having the perfect amount of ingredients for each meal prevents waste. Hello Fresh has been so helpful for our family during the last few weeks, which have been busy. I have a few coupon codes for friends if you are interested, just ask! 

2. What I'm Reminiscing About

My little pumpkin on her first Halloween. She was so sweet and little.

3. What We're Loving

Spending time outside, rolling around in the grass and playing with the leaves. Ella loves nature- dirt, sand, grass, sticks, leaves etc. You name it, she loves it! 

I'm just loving watching her enjoy it all.

4. What We've Been Up To:

Work work work.
Play play play.

You know. Our usual stuff! I documented our whole day on Tuesday, so you can see 'what we're up to' and read that post here. I work Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and most Fridays, so Tuesdays are my fun day!

5. What I'm Dreading:

Not much at the moment! I am dreading work tomorrow, does that count??? I love my job, my patients and my entire office. But working on Halloween just seems wrong! 

6. What I'm Working On:

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I'm working on getting organized, but I feel like I can't catch up. I want to make cleaning plans for each day of the week, so we're able to stay on top of it. I also want to start a more efficient meal planning system, so I don't have to depend on Hello Fresh anymore. It's great but it makes me feel lazy. I want to be more organized with my blog posts. I have so many great post ideas and the start of many small projects... I just have to finish them so I can share with you all. 

7. What We're Excited About:

HALLOWEEN! I have to work until 7, boooo!!! 

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Just pretend this Meme says "work day," okay???

Michael is going to take Ella to Main Street to go trick-or-treating, and promises to take pics. She is wearing this mouse costume. Cutest. Ever.

8. What I'm Watching/Reading:

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One of my guilty pleasures... Don't judge. It's a show Michael and I can agree on. 

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I am obsessed with Cold Case Files. Any crime tv absolutely terrifies me, and gives me nightmares. But yet, I can't stop watching!

I just bought this book, and I can't wait to read it... 

One Day in December: A Novel by [Silver, Josie]

9. What We're Listening To:

Image result for lizzo truth hurts Image result for lizzo good as hell

Lizzo is my girl!

10. What We're Wearing:

Truly? Scrubs. I like the black Cherokees. Soft, comfortable and affordable.

Cherokee WW Revolution WW610 Women's Mock Wrap Top, Black, Medium

When I'm not working, I am wearing a little something like this... black leggings and a sweater.

Amazon Essentials Women's Performance Mid-Rise Full-Length Active Legging, Black, X-Large        Alexander + David Women's Long Sleeve Dolman Knit Batwing Long Sleeve Blouse. Lightweight, Thin, Loose Pullover Top (Grey, Large)

Ella has been wearing lots of cute festive outfits! Boo!

11. What We're Doing This Weekend:

We actually have nothing planned. Which is amazing and that NEVER happens. I'm hoping to just have fun with Ella and enjoy every moment. Maybe a trip to the aquarium! We haven't been in a long time.

12. What We're Looking Forward to Next Month:

My Dad is coming to visit us next month for Thanksgiving... I'm super excited! I wish he was bringing my niece with him! He hasn't seen Ella since we visited Maine over the summer. I want to do some fun things with him while he is here.

13. What Else is New: 

Ella throws tantrums. All. Day. Long. If I tell her "no" she cries instantly. She doesn't want to get her diaper changed, clothes changes, face wipes, hands washed, or be put in her carseat/stroller. What. On. Earth! Someone tell me this is a phase and will end ASAP?

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  1. AWE sweet little pumpkin Ella!! Love her mouse costume this year too. I am with you on the organization, feels like there is always so much I want to get done but rarely get even close to doing it all. Trying to accept that this is just a season of life and we'll survive without all the organization for now. ENJOY your free weekend and hope those tantrums end ASAP ;)


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