Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!!! 

I am soo happy on this Friday because I have the entire day off. I am only scheduled to work the 1st, 3rd and 5th Fridays of the month, but lately I have been filling in on my off days. I did not agree to work for anyone today, so I get the whole day off with my loves. Michael works Saturdays so he is always off on Fridays! :) 

Here are our favorite moments, things and stuff from the week. It's a short but sweet list.

Brushing our teeth! Ella has been a big fan of brushing her teeth with this toothbrush, especially when I sing to her. "Brush brush brush your teeth, brush them everyday. Brush brush brush your teeth, brush the germs away!" Ella has 4 teeth erupted and 4 in the process of erupting. 

I can't find the toothbrush online to share with you all, but we got it at Target. I like it because it has safety features that allow Ella to use it by herself. I always brush for her after! Another great brush that we loved when Ella was just a newborn and didn't even have teeth was this one.

Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush and Teether, Pink

It's so important to start good oral hygiene habits at a young age. Working in pediatric dentistry for 3 years, I saw so much preventable early childhood decay, and I definitely don't want Ella at risk.

Another favorite are these beautiful cool Fall mornings! We have been wearing warmer jackets, and I love it! I got this cute jacket at Target, which you can find here.

My big girl in her big girl jacket. 

We got this cute Halloween food tray in the Target dollar bins, and I just love it. It's festive, and I love all the little dividers. Ella doesn't care, as long as there is food on the tray, haha! I found a similar Halloween divider plate here.

I have been working hard on getting things together for Ella's first birthday party.  When I have time to focus, it is so fun for me! I wanted to keep her first party super simple, but did want a theme that Ella likes. The only thing I could think of at the time was Word Party! (Now I know The Grinch is her jam, but it's too late.) Party City didn't have anything Word Party, as it is a Netflix show, so I had to do the decorations myself.

I just picked rainbows and anything with lots of color for the decor, and printed out a bunch of Word Party pictures to glue to the party favors etc. 

 I will share the whole party with you once the day arrives! 

Ella has been loving playing in the grass!!! We went to this park that is SUPER close to our home, where people walk their dogs and let them run around. Ella was a little afraid of the dogs at first, but eventually was reaching for them and was so upset I wouldn't let her crawl/chase them. But playing in the grass and with the dry leaves is her favorite thing ever right now.

Ella hugs are MY favorite! 

Practicing walking at the park is our favorite.

We love our comfy clothes at the park too! 

We are learning to wave "hello" and "goodbye!" Learning new skills is our favorite too!

Thanks for reading our list of Friday Favorites. 
We hope you have a nice weekend! 

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  1. I seriously love your idea to do a Word Party themed birthday party! That's so cute! My son also loves that show and his second birthday is in January so I will be looking forward to your post about Ella's first birthday! :)


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