Weekend Recap

Hello and happy Monday! We are linking up with fellow bloggers for the 'Hello Monday' link up. In typical Monday fashion, we are here recapping our weekend! It was fun and lazy as usual, just how I like them.

I was off on Friday this week, so I included all day Friday in my recap! 

Friday morning we went to Porto's Bakery for breakfast. They have the most delicious breakfast sandwiches and pastries.

We got a fruit cup to share. Michael got a breakfast wrap, and I got a bacon egg and cheese on a croissant. 

Ella tried stealing my iced coffee!

She loved the fruit and eggs.

After breakfast we went to a park close by and it was windy but beautiful out. Ella was in a bit of a mood, so she didn't want to play on the equipment at all. She did enjoy watching the geese and looking at the water fountain.

Lunch time after her morning nap. Ella had broccoli, tofu, noodles and watermelon.

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing. 

We walked to the beach to enjoy the park, but it was so hot and covered with bugs! Apparently they fly in to the area via the Santa Ana winds. We decided to find a nice spot on the grass and let Ella play around for a bit. I love Ella's little Halloween outfit. The t shirt and leggings are both from Target.

We swung by the grocery store to pick up some goodies for the weekend/beginning of the week. You can see what we got here. The rest of the day was spent doing our usual chores and hanging out at home. 

Saturday morning we Facetimed with Aunty Samantha and Kaylie for a bit (my sister and her daughter.) It was so nice catching up with her and seeing my sweet niece. After chatting with them, we went to the beach to play in the sand and enjoy the sun.

I love where we live! 

 There were a lot of little friends at the park, so we stayed a bit longer than usual and I let Ella take her first nap at 10:30 instead of 10. She did great with the schedule adjustment.

After nap time and lunch, we went to Huntington Beach to watch our friend Leighton play soccer. I have babysat her and her brother for the last 3 years. Since having Ella, and with L now in Kindergarten, I don't see them nearly as much as I would like to.

Ella had such a great time sitting with them and watching L play. She clapped along with the crowd. L scored 5 goals for her team, we were so proud of her!

The game was only 6 minutes away from one of Ella's favorite places, We Play Loud. I decided to stop and let her play for an hour! 

Sorry for the terrible pics. It was super crowded and I didn't want to have any other kids in the pictures. Ella had so much fun. At the end of our fun, Ella got hit in the face with one of the spinning rides. It's very soft and squishy but I think it scared her more than anything. It was around our hour mark when it happened, so it was time to leave anyway.

And look who met us when we got home...

Michael was home from work! As you can see, Ella was thrilled.

These two melt my heart! 

We went to happy hour sushi for dinner, it is across the street from our place and it is delicious. Ella was making a mess and refusing to eat anything we offered her, so that got a little frustrating. And it's very unlike her to not eat dinner. I forgot to take pictures at dinner... #bloggerfail 

After dinner, Ella was covered in dried rice and just a total mess. I wanted to let her play for a bit longer before bath time and an early bedtime (as she had no second nap at all.) We stopped at the park to let her roll around and make more of a mess of herself. 

Leaves are her absolute fave. She tries sharing them with us too... :) 

After rolling in the grass and getting extra dirty, it was time for baths and bed!

And that was Saturday. As you can see, our weekends all look very similar. Beaches, parks, etc. Ella is going through this phase right now where she hates being strapped in her car seat and being in the car, so taking her to different places has been a bit difficult. 

Sunday started with playing in our pajamas.

We had a super lazy morning. Typical! 

Side note: I love those pajamas on Ella. I remember seeing them on clearance at Target for 3$ when she was just a newborn. They are size 18 months and still huge on her, but so so sweet!

Ella tried Chobani for the first time, and loved it! 

We spent the rest of our day with our friends at their house. It was draft day for the guys and a catch up day/play date for the Mom's and kiddos.

Ella's first boyfriend... :) 

Michael stayed to hang out with his friend's longer, but I had to get Ella home. She only napped 15 minutes in the car on the way to our friends, and 15 minutes back. She was exhausted and cranky.

We came home to an Amazon package! Some of Ella's birthday presents she got with her gift card from her Uncle Jeff came in the mail. A Christmas dress, some new bibs and her first purse.

Look at this dress! Sooo cute. I got it for under $14 and there's a red dress with longer sleeves for only $7. I honestly was tempted to get Ella both, but I found another dress that I like for her. It's coming Tuesday! 

Ella was sooo tired from her busy afternoon. She enjoyed some puffs, prune juice and some Elmo. Meanwhile I made some rice, chicken and veggie bowls for lunch tomorrow, did the dishes and prepped Ella some food for tomorrow as well.

After some much needed rest, Ella had a small dinner, a warm bath and went to bed early. Michael got home from his friends and we enjoyed a pizza and some Netflix. It was a great Sunday.

Thanks for catching up with us and hearing about our weekend. 
We hope you and your family had a great one! Did you do anything fun???

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