Weekend Recap

Good morning and happy Monday. We are recapping our weekend and linking up with other bloggers for the "Hello Monday" post. The weekend flew by and I am back to work today from 11-7.


Saturday morning, Michael left for work and Ella and I got ready to go see a friend's soccer game. It started at 9 and went for about an hour. Ella had a great time and was even clapping along with the crowd. And she ate #allthesnacks! 

Snacks on the sideline! 

Of course we took her bunny with us, and puffs.

AND we found a swing! 

After the soccer game, Ella took a short nap and we spent the afternoon playing with her new ball-pit/tent. She had so much fun, but prefers if I go inside with her. As you can see, we had an outfit change halfway through our day. She is so active during diaper changes, we end up getting #2 on her clothes almost every time...

I had ordered a salmon salad from a cafe down the street for my lunch treat. It's the best salad I have ever had and I crave it often. Ella stole a few bites, even though she had already eaten her own lunch :)

I distracted Ella with some Word Party so I could eat for a few minutes. 

Michael got home from work a bit early, around 3:30, while Ella was taking her afternoon nap. We had early dinner plans with Michael's parents for around 4:30. As soon as Ella was up, we changed her into something comfy and headed over.

Ella loves spending time with her Grandma and Grandpa.

Sunday started with a fun trip to Target with my girl while Michael headed to the gym.

It was chilly, so the fur coat was necessary!

I found this cute winter hat for Ella! It will be perfect for the chilly Fall/Winter temps.

I came back home, and made Ella a quick lunch. While she ate, I worked on cleaning our carpet by hand. I SCRUBBED until my arms nearly fell off. It made a slight difference, so it will work for now. I need to rent a professional cleaner soon.

Salmon, green beans, fruit and a roll for lunch.

After lunch, I put together a new bookshelf for next to Michael's bed. His nightstand was not cutting it, and his corner of the bed is super cluttered with stuff. Apartment life, right? It feels much better now that he has a bit more space, and I am considering getting myself a larger end table now too.

During the afternoon, Michael took Ella out so I could have some me time. I decided to clean and organize while they were gone. It felt great to catch up on some of my 'deeper' cleaning.

We decided to make another visit to the pumpkin patch, since the weather was GORGEOUS.

A loaded funnel cake for Michael and I. YUM! Ella had a bite of the whipped cream and was not a fan. She would go for tofu, chicken or fish any day. 

Some family pics at the patch! It was super crowded so we decided to leave, but since the weather was so nice, we didn't want to go home yet! We stopped at another park very close by, but one that Ella doesn't get to go to as often. She loved playing with the dried leaves in the grass.

Dancing in the grass!

Practicing her standing skills! My big girl.

And that was our weekend. Ella went to bed at 7:30 and we just enjoyed some quiet time. I didn't do any grocery shopping or meal prep what-so-ever, because we are having some issues with our fridge. Every time it starts to run, it sounds like an airplane is about to land inside our apartment. It is SO LOUD. Our landlord wants us to defrost it, to see if it helps with our problem. That means eating everything out of it all week and defrosting it this weekend. I have a strong feeling it's not going to fix anything, but I will give it a try. Again, apartment life.... :) 

How was your weekend?


  1. I hope your refrigerator woes get fixed. I love the pics of Ella in the grass. Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

    1. Thanks for hosting Tanya.
      Our fridge seems to be behaving itself, we'll see what happens. I have a feeling we'll be needing a new one soon. :)


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