Sprouts Grocery Faves!

Grocery Hauls are some of my favorite posts to read, so I figured I would share my recent Sprouts grocery trip with you all. Sprouts is my absolute favorite store to shop at. There are so many healthy, natural and organic options, without a crazy price tag. The produce is such great quality and so inexpensive compared to other high end grocery stores. When I first walked into a Sprouts, I fell in love! This trip was mostly focused on snacks for the cupboards and a couple things for meals at the beginning of the week, so it's a short list!

Mini watermelons were on sale for 1.88 each. I bought 2. We eat watermelon constantly if we have it prepped in the fridge. Ella loves it too, although too of it much seems to bother her stomach.

Squash for Ella. She loves it when I steam it, and cut it into cubes for her to feed herself.

If you haven't tried these cotton candy grapes, run to your nearest grocery store and check to see if they are in stock! They are very seasonal and only available for a short period during the year. And yes, they taste JUST like cotton candy. They are not artificially flavored, it's just this type of grape that tastes that way. They are my favorite sweet and healthy snack.

The Sprouts pasta sauce is pretty good, and doesn't need much added. I always throw some mushrooms in there, and usually some ground turkey for protein. Ella likes it too!

Another sweet snack that don't last very long around here are the chocolate coated rice cakes. I love these so much! Definitely recommend if you have a sweet tooth like me.

And if you're more of a salty snacker... Annie's Cheddar Squares are always a good idea!

We got some marinated beef to make tacos.

And this frozen corn to eat as a side with our tacos. It is SO good.

Some organic lettuce blend for salads.

These are convenient to have to add some quick veggies to Ella's meals. She loves peas and squash.

Ella loves pasta, especially the shaped noodles. They make it easier for her to pick up and feed herself!

Roma tomatoes were only 88 cents a lb and haas avocados were only 88 cents each. I grabbed a few of each so I can make a tomato-avocado salad this weekend. 

Free-range eggs were only 3.99 this week, so I had to buy a dozen.

Chobani yogurt was on sale for $1 each. I bought a few of my favorite flavors. I love them as a sweet treat!

Not pictured: frozen chicken, cilantro, green onion, broccoli and a few other odds and ends!

Do you have a Sprouts in your state?
Where is your favorite store to go grocery shopping?

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