Friday Favorites

Hi friends. This was a highly anticipated week for me, and I am glad it's over because I felt anxious the whole time. I knew at some point I would be going back to work and seeing patients, but I didn't realize leaving Ella would be so hard. On Monday I was working until 7 pm, and when I walked in the door I could hear Ella crying from her crib. I desperately wanted to go hold her but I had to go shower thoroughly before I could. Our new normal, sigh. Wednesday & Thursday were both training days at my other office and luckily they were half days so it wasn't so bad. Today I am working from 7-4:30 and I am not thrilled about leaving her again, but I am happy I will at least be done early enough to eat dinner with her and Michael.

I didn't document very much this week or take a lot of pictures because I think my brain was too focused on my back to work stuff! Therefore, I have just a few favorites to share with you all from the week. After I get done with work we are going to eat dinner together as a family and then go for a family hike. I am so excited! I hope you all have a great Friday and a fabulous weekend!


Monday was my first day back to work seeing patients, and overall it was a good day. I will be honest, I had knots in my stomach most of the day, because I was so nervous I would run behind with our new protocol changes. Luckily my schedule was light and my patients were wonderful. However my FAVORITE part of the day was when one of our assistants brought this cupcakes her nephew made. It was hands down one of the best cupcakes I have ever had! It was so moist and not TOO sweet, which was absolutely perfect.



On Tuesday we let Ella have a chocolate ice cream bar and she wanted to take it 'to go' on her walk. It was so cute to watch her! She LOVES sweets and was so happy and funny. Her clothes were covered in chocolate after and I don't think she minded one bit! 


I thought when I moved from Maine to California that I would never get to enjoy my D&D Iced Coffee again. Thank goodness California opened a few locations right before we moved. We now live about 5 minutes from a location and I have enjoyed getting a little afternoon pick me up once in a while. 


I ordered these medium size storage containers (affiliate link) and I am loving them so much! I bought them for one of kitchen cabinets where we keep our breakfast and snack type foods. Believe it or not, we only have 3 kitchen cabinets to use for food storage and no pantry! (Boo!) Our kitchen is extremely tiny!!! Because it's so small it gets easily messy and cluttered. These bins just make everything look so much nicer and organized and being organized is my faveee.

Speaking of organization... I also ordered this.

Lazy Susan (affiliate link!) I got this lazy susan for our kitchen cabinet above our stove where we keep spices and our oils. I already have a decent and really inexpensive way to organize our spices (which I will share later) but really hate pulling out all of our oil bottles just to get the ones in the back. Having this has been a major game changer for us. It's super inexpensive and so helpful to keep our cabinet organized.

And that's all for favorites this week! We will see you back on Monday!

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  1. Those storage containers make so much sense! I think I'd need way too many of those. Glad your work week went pretty well!

  2. I love those storage containers for your food! TGIF friend, I've been thinking of you this week as you returned to work, XO

  3. That cupcake does look amazing!


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