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Hi friends and happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all that have served and/or are currently serving, and a special thank you to those that made the ultimate sacrifice. Freedom isn't free and we should not ever forget those that have lost their lives to protect our country and keep us safe.

Today I am linking up with Heather @ My Glittery Heart for the Hello Monday link up. I am sharing a brief recap of our weekend! As restrictions are easing up in our area we are able to do a lot more. It's exciting and scary at the same time. I don't know about your area, but our number of cases here in Orange County is still growing, but the hospitals seem to have everything under control, hence why we are progressing in re-opening the state. I am so happy for the small businesses who can finally get back to work; I just hope everyone is smart and continues to practice social distancing and hand washing :) We've been loving all the extra outdoor time!

Saturday morning we went to one of our favorite spots in Seal Beach. It's a walking trail within the city that feels extremely secluded and private. It's so serene and Ella loves running around! Because it has been closed over the last 2 months, nature sort of took over and the grass and flowers have grown into the walkways. It's actually extremely beautiful and I wish it would stay like this, but with all the foot traffic there, it's unlikely. 


Fresh air is the best! 

I may or may not have coordinated our outfits for our family 'hike.' :) 

How gorgeous are these flowers?


Ella is a flower lover like her Mama. I had to take a few quick pics and get her out of there before she picked them all! 

Ella got brave and wanted to try hiking the hill with Daddy! It was a little too steep for her, so I went and rescued her shortly after, haha.

After our little walk at Gum Grove park we decided to drive to the duck pond in Long Beach so Ella could spend some more time outside running around and enjoy seeing some wildlife! She loves watching the squirrels climb the trees, turtles sunbathe on the walkways and the geese hanging out by the waters edge.

My little Daddy's girl. She has been obsessed with her Dad lately- always wants to hold his hand and for him to go everywhere with her. It has been giving me a much needed break but she better come back around and want her Mama again! 

Ella liked watching the turtles sunbathe. Some of them are definitely more cautious of humans than others. This one couldn't care less how close we were- he was just happily bathing in the warm sun.

Ella loves the squirrels especially when they climb the tree. These squirrels were absolutely huge! I have a feeling they get fed a lot by visitors at the park.

Later in the day Michael requested I make my chocolate chip walnut cookies. I obliged and made a small batch, which him and Ella dove into immediately. There's really nothing better than a warm cookie and a glass of cold milk! 

We had dinner at Michael's parents and it was so good! I wish I could cook like them, because it's always healthy, homemade and delicious.

Sunday morning we decided to use our hiking backpack carrier *Affiliate Link* and take Ella with us for a long walk on a nature trail in Huntington Beach.

Ella didn't mind the carrier too much, except for that I think she got a little bored up there. 

We let her get out to run around and stretch. 

At one point we lost Minnie Mouse and Michael had to turn around to find her. Thank goodness he did!

It was a great way to spend the morning since we were all up early. We are loving the outdoor freedom! 


The rest of Sunday was a lot of brunch and relaxing. A perfect day and end to our fun weekend! 

We have no major plans for today, but I am sure we will do a bit of 'barbecuing' at home! We have hamburgers and hotdogs and I might make a pasta salad to go with it. I am sure we will get some outside time too as always! Try to enjoy your day everyone. We will be back on Wednesday for What's Up Wednesday! 

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-Ashley & Ella 

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  1. Your adventures look so fun! Love the turtle!

  2. Those are some lovely places to walk!

  3. Love all your outdoor time, it really is the best!! I wish I could cook like my in-laws too - it's always the same healthy, homemade, & delicious!


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