Disneyland Day @ Home

One thing I am missing so much during this quarantine are my visits to Disneyland with Ella. Michael got me an annual pass in November so I could take her on my weekdays off and we used it a lot at first. We've gone at least 5 or 6 times together and I went with a friend (who I miss so much) once for a Momma's Day out! Check out some of our previous visits there:

We were inspired by my friend Adrienne @ Mom Life with Adrienne, who did a Disneyworld Day with her 3 kids at home. It looked so fun and even though Ella is younger and doesn't understand as much, I thought it would be fun to try. Check out Adrienne's post about her day here... she did such a great job! 

To prepare, I just made a few things using my word processor. 

I made an agenda for the day and checked things off as we completed them.

And I made a few 'fast passes' just for fun.

We started the day with breakfast with the characters. Originally I was going to make pancakes and fruit, but decided to make eggs and toast instead. I got some Mickey Mouse cookies cutters (affiliate link) on Amazon which makes the food so much more fun!

Ella enjoyed her breakfast with her friends Minnie & Mickey. I totally forgot she wore her Minnie pajamas the night before, so that was just a total perfect accident.

We got dressed for the day with our Disney sweatshirts and ears and went for a walk in the wagon with Mickey! 

Ella had so much fun riding with Mickey and also pushing Mickey in the wagon herself.

After our walk it was time to settle in for some rides. First up, Small World. Ella freaked out when she saw the ride, hahaha!


She loves Small World so much! 

Ella went on a few more rides... The Haunted Mansion, Alice in Wonderalnd and Pirates.

Around 9:45 Ella wanted her morning snack. I gave her some cheese and crackers with fruit. It's amazing how shaping your food makes it so much more fun.

Ella enjoyed a few more fun rides. I sat her on her rocker so it probably felt a lot more like being on a ride.

Thunder Mountain railroad was her favorite!!! I shook and tilted her rocker and she was screaming of joy like she was really on a rollercoaster. I really hope her love for rollercoasters lasts because I love rollercoasters and her Daddy does not! 

We took a little Disney break as Ella wanted to play with her toys, go for walks etc. After her normal play time we jumped back into Disney mode!

We had a short dance party while listening to some Disney music on Spotify!

Ella ate lunch with the characters (unpictured.) I made her favorite... macaroni & cheese with broccoli.

 I had made a cauliflower crust pizza for Michael and I but it didn't come out that great. It looks really yummy but the crust was a big too soggy for my liking! We will try again though. 


Ella did some coloring with her friends Mickey and Minnie. I found the coloring sheets using Google Images. She's sitting next to me as I type this and ripping those papers up now... haha!

We ended our day watching the new Magic Happens parade.

It was a fun day and so easy to put together. Just having a themed day definitely broke up the mundaneness of what we've been doing lately. My plan for next week is to do a book themed day. I can't wait to put it together and share it with you all... :) 

Thanks for checking out our Disneyland day! 


  1. She's at the perfect age to enjoy something like this! So cute how she freaked out over the ride videos!

  2. SO MUCH FUN!! Love that you put this day together for your fam :)


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