Throwback Thursday- May Edition

Hi everyone. Once a month I like to do a fun little post where I share my favorite throwback photos and memories from the year(s) before. It took me SO long to get these pictures to transfer from my phone to my laptop. For some reason these pictures weren't in my 'photos' album on my computer even though they are linked to my iCloud... Not techy over here and not sure how to fix it??? Eventually I had to just text pics to myself and screen shot them on my laptop. Anywho. Sorry for the delay on today's post...

My birthday is on May 1st, so I decided to share pictures from my birthday last year. Funny and sad to look back and see how different life looked one year ago.

I had to work on my birthday last year, so I spent the morning with my sweetie before going into the office for the day. She looks so little and her hair, I can't. Haha! 

The girl's at my office decorated my operator at work, and we had to capture a picture. So sweet of them.

I made my boss take a picture with me too... I am sure he was thrilled

There was an event at another office that day during our lunch hour, so we took some extra pics! Lunch was free and I also won a Jamba Juice gift card that day, so that was fun! 

(It's funny to look @ these pictures now, because my attire is going to look a lot different in this new world we're in. Hygienists and dental offices are always spectacular with their infection control... but we're stepping it up a notch.)


After work, Michael and I went to one of our favorite barbecue places for happy hour. I remember getting a margarita and thinking it was the best one I had ever had! (Still love their margs- can't wait to go back!) Ella was so little and sweet!

We will be back tomorrow for Friday Favorites! See you then! :)

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  1. Aw, what a sweet look back at your birthday!

  2. This was really fun to look back and remember! Thanks so much for the inspiration!


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