What's In My... "Pantry!"


Hi friends! I am co-hosting today's link up with my friend Adrienne @ Mom Life with Adrienne for our 'What's In My' link up. Today I am sharing what's in my ... pantry! Now here's the thing, I don't actually have a pantry. Maybe I was hoping by the time this topic rolled around we would have moved into a house with a pantry #Dreambig. But here we are, still in our tiny apartment and pantriless. Our kitchen has almost no storage so we have to be really smart about how we store things and maximize our cupboard space. I figured I would show you how I organize our cabinets instead.
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I hate storing anything above my stove because I know it's not an ideal storage space due to the heat. We don't have a choice because of our limited space, so we use the cupboard for our spices/oils and our baking supplies. We bought this lazy susan for our oils and it's amazing how much more functional it is. I wish I had bought it sooner since it's only 6$! I use little baskets from The Dollar Tree to hold our spices. I try to buy spices that will fit in these baskets to keep the system working. When I need a spice I can pull the basket out and find what I need. It's a system that works for me! 

I bought these large storage containers for my baking supplies, not realizing they were going to be too large for the space.  I do love the containers and am keeping them because they will be great for the future. For now the baking shelf is just a little tight on space and doesn't look great so I didn't share!

But right now it holds:
-White sugar
-Brown sugar
-Baking soda & powder
-Vanilla extract
-Chocolate chips
-Cocoa powder
-Powdered sugar
-Cupcake decorating supplies
-My cookies scoops

This is my upper kitchen cabinet where we store mostly breakfast foods and snack foods. We got the airtight containers recently and it has been a game changer and so helpful for us.

It's so much more organized now! We keep mostly snacks on the two bottom shelves, and then breakfast foods on the top shelves. I think I need to clean things out a bit still because I am eyeing that protein powder and I know that has to be expired.

Our lower kitchen cabinet still needs a lot of help! We're trying to put so much in such a small space that it's almost impossible to make it look nice. Luckily right now I am pretty aware of where everything is... but I still need to do some digging to get to things toward the back. In our lower cabinet we keep a lot! 

-Canned tomatoes
-Canned beans
-Dried beans
-Jarred sauces

I was going to buy a can organizer but all the ones on Amazon seem too large for the cabinet itself, so I have held off. We keep our dried pastas and beans in these large containers I got at The Dollar Tree and so far they work great. I do look forward to the day I don't have to cram all of our food supplies in 3 tiny cabinets... :) 

Well that's all I have to share today. I can't wait to see your pantries! If you missed our past link ups you can check those out here:

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We'll be back tomorrow with some Friday favorites!

-Ashley & Ella

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  1. While we do have a house & a little more cupboard storage than it looks like you do, we don't have a pantry either! We really only have 4.5 (I say half because one is tiny & literally only holds our spices) cupboards that we have to hold all our foods. This is why we refrain from shopping at bulk places like Costco, cause I just don't have the space to put it!

    1. I feel like a true 'pantry' is not as common as we are lead to believe! It's definitely more of a luxury space than a needed space. We still buy in bulk but then the boxes just end up sitting around our apartment it drives me bananas... :)

  2. When I moved from my apartment to my condo, finally having a pantry was a dream! But back in my apartment, I used a shelf above my dryer (which was right off the kitchen) and stored everything in two cubes from Target.

    1. That's a great idea! We have a hall closet that I have considered converting into a 'pantry' space but then wouldn't have anywhere to store all the stuff I store in that closet now. Hahaha!

  3. But you really have made your space work! That is so organized and well though out.

  4. I keep spices above the stove too, although I know it's not the smartest!


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