Weekend Recap

Hi everyone and happy Monday. We are linking up with some fellow bloggers today for their Hello Monday link up and sharing a brief recap of our weekend. It's hard to believe another week has come and gone and in just 7 days I will be going back to work for the first time in months. I am going to spend a lot of this week cleaning, organizing and preparing for life to get busy again... and figure out a system for Michael and I to prevent bringing any outside germs inside. Wish us luck! xo


Friday was my birthday and it was a beautiful day! We got breakfast burritos to-go from our FAVORITE place on Main Street. Their breakfast burritos are seriously sooo good!!! We called ahead so we didn't have to spend time inside. We took the burritos to the grass overlooking the beach and it was so nice for that little bit of normalcy.

So yummy!!! Ella loves it too and kept coming over to steal big bites.


Ella was loving the freedom of being outside. It was definitely nice to feel 'normal' again.

Michael got me this cake which was incredible and bought me a bag that I have had my eye on... It's coming in the mail soon and I'm really excited! 


Saturday was low-key but at the end of the day I looked at Michael and said "today was a good day!"

I saw this in the morning and it made me all sorts of emotional.


I made barbecue chicken and potato salad for lunch. The potato salad was delicious but the barbecue sauce I bought was too sour and I ended up not even eating it... :(

I didn't think Ella would like what I made for lunch, so I made her a plate of random goodies...

She loved it!

Ella's schedule has been off and she's been refusing naps lately, so we've been exhausted. But on Saturday she took over a two hour nap and it was so nice to have time to rest and get things done. I was able to do so much. After she woke up we spent a ton of time outside in the sun, walking and playing with Ella's pool. We took showers to get rid of the sunscreen, got into pajamas early and ended the night with pizza and movies on the couch. It was so good! 


I woke up early on Sunday and made coffee and had a few minutes of 'me time' before miss Ella woke up. Michael stayed up quite a bit later than I did, so I let him sleep in.

Ella was in such a good mood and spent most of the morning playing by herself (which is RARE lately.) She read books on the floor, stacked blocks and played with her doll house. 

We went for a family walk together, enjoying the warm morning! By the end of our walk I was sweating! We've had such gorgeous weather lately.

Ella went down for her nap at 11:45 and slept for two hours again. Yessss!!!

Ella's new crocs came in the mail! We are a croc loving family over here! My pink ones are knock offs but I love them just the same.


We took Ella to the park to run around a bit and burn some energy after her long nap! 

Ella enjoyed some leftover birthday cake! 

And the rest of our day was spent with our usual craziness. Ella destroying the apartment to the best of her ability and wanting to take every single toy with her on our walks. 

Overall it was a very happy weekend! :) 

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This Thursday I will be hosting my Throwback Thursday link up! I am going to share random pictures from last year in May and share what we did for my bday last year. (I can't remember right now... so hopefully we did something!) You can share any throwback you would like, or even just redirect to a previous post that you are proud of or love. If you're interested in that link up, here is the graphic! 

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We will see you all later this week!


  1. Happy belated birthday! Sounds like you had a good day.

  2. Looks like a nice relaxing weekend. That cake looks amazing!

  3. Seems like a fun weekend. I love Ella variety of food she eats.


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