Friday Favorites

Hi everyone and happy Friday!  Is it just me, or did it feel like March dragged on forever and April went by in the blink of an eye? I can't believe it's already May and we're finally starting to hear talk of return to SOME normalcy soon. I don't know what it's like where you live, but people are getting really anxious here. I have a very short list of favorites to share with you today, and I also have a gift guide for Mother's Day here if you're interested in checking that out!

Yesterday I co-hosted a link up called What's in my... and yesterday we looked at "What's in my ... car!" If you're nosey like me, go check out that post here.

Today I have a zoom meeting with one of my dental offices, so I am looking forward to seeing everyone's faces and discussing the changes we're going to be making going forward. The rest of our weekend is wide open, but we're going to enjoy it together as a family. I hope you have a great one too! Now, onto our usual favorites.


Morning walks are always our favorite. Going for a walk is really our only opportunity to get out of the apartment, and they are much needed for my sanity. Walks are especially wonderful when they are bright and early before the rest of Seal Beach residents are out and about... :)

Oh how we miss the beach! I pray we'll be able to spend lots of time there this Summer, with hopefully less fog ;) Time will tell.


Ella's newest favorite part of our walks is picking flowers and dried leaves. As much as I don't want her touching random stuff outside right now, everything is a learning experience for her. Hand sanitizer is our best friend right now.


"Look Ma, no hands!"

Ella is also a huge fan of 'balancing' and was so impressed with her ability to sit on this rock. Love this sweet girl of mine so much! I would love her even more if she would wear her mask when I ask her too... We were doing so well at the beginning but now she just rips it off, stretching out the elastic and making the mask useless. Sigh.


On Monday night I made a lasagna and salads for dinner and it was my favorite! I was so happy to see that Michael and Ella loved it too. If Ella does a dance when she's eating you know she's a fan, and I saw a few shoulder rolls while she munched on her lasagna. Haha! She wasn't the biggest fan of the lettuce in her salad, although she did eat a few pieces, ate all her cucumbers and a few pieces of broccoli slaw.


We ordered Ella this set of puzzles, as I wanted her to have some educational toys that will also help her pincher grasp and hand-eye coordination. They definitely aren't the level of quality of the M&D puzzles that we already have, but they were affordable and Ella is obsessed. It came with 6 puzzles and the storage rack. It was 30% off so I didn't want to miss the deal. We're going to take her other puzzles and some of her toys to her grandparents house, so she has favorite and educational toys at both places. Once I got back to work, Ella will be spending lots of time with Grandma! 


My birthday is today and my Dad sent me a card, a GC to Target (he knows the way to my heart) and even got a little outfit for Ella. I miss my Dad so much and can't wait till this is all over so I can see him and everyone else in my family again! 


On Thursday Ella and I had a Disneyland Day at home... and it was so fun! It was my favorite activity from our week and I plan to share a whole post on it soon. My friend Adrienne from Mom Life with Adrienne was our inspiration at she did a Disney World Day with her kids too.


I made another tofu vegetable soup and it was a big hit as always... Definitely a favorite around here!


 My little seeds germinated and look how big they are already!!! I can't wait till they are big enough to transplant. Michael and I have loved having a little project. We can't wait for a house with a yard so we can garden one day.


Ella had her 18 month check up this week and she's perfect from head to toe! The Dr ensured us that her new attitude was temporary and normal for her age :). We were going to skip the appointment but decided to go because she was due for a vaccine and I really want to keep her on track. I know there's controversy surrounding vaccinations, but I believe in them 100%. She is in 75th percentile for height, weight and head circumference! 

She fell asleep afterward while watching a movie on the couch... Sweet heart! 


One night my upstairs neighbor texted me asking if we'd like some unopened snacks for Ella. She is a teacher and explained that she had just bought these things for her students before she realized they wouldn't return for the rest of the year. She left them outside of our door and we disinfected them and brought them inside! :) SO sweet of them to think of us. We have some great neighbors.

And those are our favorites! See you on Monday!


  1. Happy Birthday! We had a tofu soup this week too. That was so nice of your neighbors!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday! Your plant look to be growing great! SO sweet of your neighbor to offer the snacks for Ella. Enjoy your weekend :)

  3. What a sweet neighbor. I got my kids all their vaccines too; until we began homeschooling and we elected to skip the flu shot each year. I think even though we aren't one of those states opening up anytime soon that people are getting anxious. I have noticed all the stores are more crowded this week and the roads too where just a week or two ago I felt like we were living in a ghost town.

  4. Happy Birthday! Hope you've had an incredible day! Things are definitely starting to open back up here in MN. People are definitely chomping at the bit to get back to their normal lives. Unfortunately that means that the roads are getting busier and I think some of the folks are forgetting to be grateful for the little things again. BUT I know for me personally I will never forget how challenging the last 7 weeks have been so I continue to tip very well when I get my coffee from the coffee shop or take out from restaurants. I just hope that by July we're able to go to restaurants because a birthday without dinner out is no fun ... hope you've selected a "replacement" b-day date to re-celebrate your bday once quarantine is over! 🥳

  5. Happy Birthday. Glad you guys had fun doing a Disney at home day


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