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Hi friends and happy Friday! In typical Friday fashion, I am linking up with Erika & Andrea to share my favorite moments from the week. It was a nice short work week for me, as I had Monday and Tuesday off. We are going to enjoy our weekend to the fullest because next week is a pretty busy week for us! We have no weekend plans at all, but I'm hoping we can go for a hike with Ella at some point. There's this great trail in Laguna Beach we used to hike all the time together, but it's a little intense if Michael is carrying Ella on his back! To be determined... :) 

Today I also share some of my favorite Amazon fashion finds, which you can see here if you're curious. They have some great denim short options that I am loving!

Now onto some favorites! (this post contains some affiliate links- thank you for your support)


You might be sick of seeing pics of this pond by now, but you guys... We have discovered Ella's favorite place on earth... or at least in Southern California. The duck pond is her FAVORITE place to be. Michael and I personally find it to be a little gross because of all the duck poop on the sidewalks... (Gross!) But we love how beautiful it is otherwise and seeing how much Ella loves it there means we can deal with a little duck poop. We have been taking her there almost everyday and it's a great change of scenery and really open and free of people most of the time.


The squirrels running around are a bonus for her! She wants to give them a big hug so badly. She is definitely going to need a snuggly pet one day- I hope Michael is ready for that day. I vote a cat!


My little garden is still thriving and I am so happy about it! Michael is so good about moving it throughout the day so it gets enough sun. We both can't wait for a big garden one day.


We made a big batch of fruit salad this week and it was sooo yummy. Grapes, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, pineapple and golden kiwi. I loved having everything mixed together and ready to go. If you haven't tried golden kiwi you NEED to; they are sweeter than regular kiwis and so delicious.


Ella saw me painting my toes this week and wanted me to do hers. I couldn't say no! How darn cute are her little toes in her flip flops?! Her sweet little feet are just the best. I have always loved them.


Seal Beach is open for active use only. This means we can go for walks along the beach, and surfers can surf, and that's about all. We went early Tuesday morning and for a second I questioned whether it was open because I didn't see a soul on the sand. It was absolutely gorgeous and so nice to walk along the shoreline.

Ella is a little afraid of the waves still.

Anytime I get frustrated about our old, small apartment I remind myself of the beach... We love living by the beach and are just soaking it up because it will NOT be within walking distance forever.


I got this cup at The Dollar Tree and have been obsessed with it. I drink so much more water now! It's bigger than it looks here... It's actually a 32 oz cup and I probably refill it 2-3x per day. For some reason I love this style of cup that they sell. I had one a few season back that was green and I drank a ton of water then too. They are only $1 so you have to be gentle and can't toss it around a ton, but it really is a great cup! 


Ella and I had a Mommy/Daughter afternoon on Tuesday and it was sooo sweet and my FAVORITE day of the week. We watched part of a movie and snuggled on the couch.

We shared our favorite smoothie, recipe here for those curious.

We went for a walk at Gum Grove Park but brought Ella's wagon which she LOVED.

Per Ella's request we stopped at her favorite place on the way home... the duck pond. She also did a ton of running around the grass looking for squirrels.

And we stopped by Mcdonalds for Ella to get a Happy Meal for dinner (with green beans on the side for some form of nutrition.) She ate so much!

Michael went and picked up these donuts as a yummy dessert for all of us! 


Yesterday we shared some pics of our kitchen cupboards since we don't have a true pantry. We are loving our new organization! Our new storage containers are my fave!!! 

So clean and organized! We got the medium containers but they come in various sizes. There's a 2$ off coupon right now too!

Also loving our lazy susan for our cooking oils.



I am in love you guys! I steamed our carpets, our sofa, and even the grout in our bathroom. It is an amazing machine! 

That's all we have for favorites this week :) We will be back on Monday with a recap of our weekend! See you then! And ps. if you aren't already, be sure to follow us on Instagram here

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  1. That beach looks fabulous! I love walking along the beach listening to the waves.

  2. Hooray for the beach! You've just reminded me I didn't fill my water yet today - oops!


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