Friday Favorites

Hi all and happy Friday. We had a fun week and I tried to enjoy every moment with my sweet family, as I start going back to work next week. I am a little nervous but excited too! It will be interesting to see how things work with all of our new changes.

Moving on to our favorites from the week...



We have been loving the warm weather! We have had a lot of 80+ degree days lately and it has been great. We recently got out all of Ella's Summer clothes and I found this outfit. You guys, I cannot. When I first brought it out Michael goes, "I don't even know what I'm looking at." Hahaha!


I made sesame beef tacos with cabbage and pickled cucumbers this week and they were delicious! Normally there is radish also, but we didn't have any. I originally made these when we got Hello Fresh, but I held onto the recipe because it's a favorite of ours. Here is the recipe on their website if you are interested in trying it.


My sister mailed me this Auntie necklace for my birthday and I love it. It's hard being away from my family, especially my niece... So you can imagine I got pretty emotional when I opened this gift! 


Okay so my upstairs neighbors are saints.  They knew I was having a hard time with Ella's sleeping as I had texted them about it earlier in the week. She's been fighting naps and bedtime so hard lately, and we're all a little sleepy... They immediately dropped off a care package at the door as an early Mother's Day present. Wine, a candle and some essential oil spray/roll on to help promote restful sleep. They even got Ella a little book. They are truly the sweetest girls on the planet and so thoughtful.


The other day Michael fed Ella a bowl of leftover pasta for a snack, because he didn't know what else we had to feed her. I was like, wow really? But in his defense, our fridge and cupboard really were so unorganized that it really would be hard to find any snack items for her. I decided from now on I am going to keep freshly prepped snacks available in her bento lunchbox, that way there is always something healthy ready to go and easy to find! This new system is my favorite because it has made feeding her so much easier. Now we have easy sides for lunch & dinner too. Right now her favorite snacks/sides are ... watermelon, apple slices, strawberries, canned green beans, cucumber slices, edamame, string cheese and pepperoni slices. 

I also went through her snack cupboard to organize it better. Now it's easy to find something yummy for her to eat! Her cupboard snacks tend to be her special occasion snacks :)


Ella has been such a daddy's girl recently and it is my FAVORITE. It's so sweet to see but it also gives me a much needed break. For a while she was allll about her Momma! The other night I was struggling so hard to get Ella to go to bed. Michael decided to try and when I went in her room to help she blew me a kiss and basically told me to go away, haha! She just wanted her Daddy! 


I have been waiting for this girl to become interested in flossing and the day is finally here! Ella was watching me floss the other day and she wanted to try. Now we floss her teeth every night. It's not really for plaque or bacteria removal at this point, because she has so much spacing... but it's important for her to get into the habit and routine! 



I got Ella this bubble machine and having bubble dance parties is her favorite. This day was so hot and she had gotten her shorts wet so we just went with a diaper! She absolutely loved being pant-less... Don't get used to it girly! 


Michael saw me looking at this purse on the Coach website and got it for me for my birthday. He had to double check with me to make sure I really wanted it, because he knows how I am with bags. I am pretty picky when it comes to my purses and I really don't like to buy expensive ones. I feel like they all serve the same purpose, and I can't justify spending more than 100$ on one... Even that's a big stretch for me. But the Coach bags are good quality and they are having great discounts and sales right now.


We've been having so much fun just being outside and doing allll the things. Spending time with my family and being outdoors is my favorite. I can't wait till we can go hiking and exploring again.

We've been taking lots of walks with Ella's popper. I got this for her for Christmas but she just now has showed an interest in it.

We've also been playing with lots of chalk! Funny story about chalk... There is a house within walking distance to ours that has a bunch of chalk art on the sidewalk. And every single time we go for a walk, Ella wants us to walk by it and point to each drawing and tell her what it is. (Bunny, frog, cat, alien, earth and ABCs.) Literally. In that order. After we tell her what they all are, she makes us walk backward and go over them again and again. It cracks me up but I also know when it finally rains here and isn't there anymore she will be DEVASTATED. 

Lots of time has been spent in her 10$ pool... What a great investment. The top ring is already deflated and won't hold air, but that doesn't bother Ella in the slightest.

Ella helped me transfer my cilantro plant to a large pot. I may have moved it a bit prematurely, so we'll see if it holds up or not. I also planted some flower seeds, so it will be fun to see if those grow or not! I love that she can help me and shows interest in doing things together. Her favorite is 'patting' the soil. Haha! 


Chips & guac will always be a favorite... with wine on the side :)

I hope you had a great week and have a great weekend! Is life starting to go back to normal in your area? Are you working right now? What are you most excited for once this is all 'done' with?

See you Monday!


  1. Oh so many fabulous favorites this week! Love your new purse, I need a new one too but yes it can be so hard to spend money on ourselves lol. I'll be thinking of you next week as you return to work :)

  2. With our boys being so big and having appetites that match we keep 3 rectangular bins in our fridge with sliced strawberries, washed and ready to eat grapes, and pineapple. I think it helps us all make healthier eating choices! You have the sweetest neighbors! I hope you have a wonderful Mother's day and best of luck starting back to work. I hope it all goes well.

  3. I honestly doubt that life will ever fully go back to Normal but certain things are starting to reopen but they can't seem to open back up fast enough for me. lol! Sounds like the dentists offices are going to be allowed to reopen here in Minnesota next week as long as they have a COVID preparedness plan in place. I would like to get in for my quarterly cleaning appointment (I have serious unrealistic anxiety about my teeth falling out which seems to go away after a good cleaning)! But besides getting my teeth cleaned my other favorite thing to do after this is over is getting to the gym, getting my hair cut, and going to the mall! But I think I will miss the "slowness" of life a bit when its gone. What will you miss?


I appreciate and love all questions and comments!