December Intentions

I am linking up with Adrienne to share my intentions for December. I never make monthly 'goals' but I think it's a good time to start! 


Read 1-2 books this month
Have some girl time at least once this month
Work on being a more patient wife and Mom


Make family Christmas cards either with new or old photos
Enjoy the holiday season to the fullest
Take Ella to her first dental appointment


Work on some blogging networking with other Moms
Make a rough 'blog post guide' for 2020 


Continue cooking meals at home every night
Start exercising 2-3x per week

Right now I am working on a blog post that goes over all of my 2020 goals/resolutions. I really want to work on being the healthiest version of myself, in all aspects. I can't wait to share that post with you all! 

*Thank you to Adrienne for hosting this link up*


  1. What great intentions! Have you started planning out your wedding yet? I don't think you ever shared about your engagement or your plans for your impending wedding plans, have you? Do you and your fiance have "rules" around the holidays and gift exchanges? My parents are weird about the holiday exchanges and my mom always gets my dad lots of gifts but my dad struggles to get my mom gifts because she already has so much "stuff"! Haha! ;)

    1. Michael and I are pretty non-traditional. We have been together for 8 years and engaged for 4. I think we will likely skip a traditional wedding, and just go to the courthouse to get married. For us, we feel married already, just without the legal stamp behind it. If that makes sense? Our parents are both respectful of our decisions not to have a wedding. We may decide to do dinner celebrations with our family and friends, but even that is a big maybe. Neither of us like that much attention, haha! My friends all told me to wait and see if I changed my mind about a wedding... it's been 4 years and I still don't want one! :) As far as gifts, Michael and I just do a stocking for each other and that's usually all, unless one of us needs or wants something larger. He is soo simple and needs very little, so I actually have a harder time buying for him. Notice I didn't do any men's gift guides? Because I have no idea what to get him! HAHA!

    2. I do hope to become Mrs Zhang by 2020 though... :) I want all of us to have the same last name.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I am sure that it is TOUGH to make those big wedding decisions, BUT I think either way you should try to document that part of your life too just so that you have this little space on the internet to look back on one day! I personally write in a journal every day so that I can look back and see what is going on at all times in my life and unfortunately I haven't had the joy of being engaged but I think if I were you I would be living in up and writing all about it! lol! Also, no need for a big wedding for it to be special BUT you should make it an event that is special for YOU and Michael! 🥳🥳


I appreciate and love all questions and comments!