Pictures from Grampie's Visit

Sharing some more pictures from my Dad's visit here.

Over the weekend we went to Fashion Island in Newport Beach to eat and go shopping.


We took some pics in front of their massive Christmas tree.

It's sooo tall and beautiful!

We walked around the shops and enjoyed the koi pond.

After shopping, we stopped at The Cheesecake Factory for lunch.

Ella had a great time eating their bread, pasta and chicken!

We spent some time putting together a gingerbread house.

It was a disaster and epic fail. The entire thing kept collapsing... and Ella was not interested in participating. Maybe next year haha.

We made many walks to the pier! 

Ella loves the pier and watching the fishermen and the surfers.

We took Grampie to our favorite park and they did lots of playing together.

It was so nice having my Dad here to spend time with us and Ella. My Dad left on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning Ella was up, wondering where he was. So sweet!!!

We look forward to his next visit with us. I am going to try and visit home over the Summer as one of my offices closes for the week. xo

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