Gift Giving Made Simple

We wanted to keep gift giving simple this year. Ella is only going to be 14 months old when Christmas arrives, and that little girl has EVERYTHING she needs already! The holidays mean more than just gifts, and I want to instill that in her at an early age. By following a short and sweet gift guide like this, it will prevent her from getting enormous amounts of gifts and thinking thats what the season is all about! Feel free to snag this image and use it for someone you love as well. 

I tried making into a downloadable link, but still can't figure out how! Copy & paste into your favorite document center and it should print a-okay.

Ella's list looks something like this... (Since she can't tell me what she wants, I guessed!)

Need: Mustela bath set
Want: A mini grocery cart to practice walking
Wear: More fleece pajamas for this winter
Read: Christmas books in her Eve basket
Play: Tea party set & chalk 

Thanks for catching up with us. Would love to see what your lists look like all filled in! xoxo

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