Let's Look- Gift Wrapping Stations

It's been a busy week and it's only Wednesday...

I work until 7 pm on Mondays and normally have Tuesdays off. But this week I filled in for a coworker for her 7-4 shift. I work 8-5 today and 10-7 tomorrow and then my week is OVER! Who knew hygienists could have such wonky schedules?? Anyway, onto happier things... Gift wrapping!!!

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In November we looked at how we entertain our guests
In October we look at fall recipes
In September we looked at our calendars
...and today we are sharing our gift wrapping stations!

Well guess what my station looks like? A nice spot on the floor! Haha. But really. I don't have a 'station' and I didn't go that all-out with my Christmas wrapping this year. However, I have pinned a lot of cute wrapping ideas that I figured I would share. As well as some of my favorite products for the gift wrapping season...

Check out my pins of amazing holiday wrapping here or by clicking the picture below. 

I am a pretty good pinner when I have the time! 

Here are some great products for organizing your holiday gift wrap!

Aotuno Double-Sided Hanging Gift Wrap Organizer Storage Bag,Wrapping Paper Storage Holder(White)

An over the door organizer if you are short on space like we are, and a great price.

Another great option if you are short on space, is this in-closet organizer. I have similar organizers in my closet for my shoes!

If you have a great place to store this, I think this storage case is a great option. It looks so clean and nice!

If I had my way, and I had the dream office space I have always wanted, I would totally get something like this for my Christmas wrapping supplies. I love this little rolling storage cart. It's small enough to sneak away and hide in a closet during the off-season. But how fun would it be to have this at the end of your desk for easy wrapping everytime?

Now onto a few fun wrapping supplies...

I love this wrapping paper set. Very simple but beautiful colors and designs.

This is another pretty, festive set made by Hallmark.

A fun set of gift boxes. Much cheaper if you buy them in bulk, and lots of fun prints/designs.


I would have loved to share my personal wrapping station, but I just don't have one. I bought a few rolls of paper at Target, stuck them in the corner and have been wrapping our gifts on the living room floor. I do think the wrapping came out nice, despite the fact that Ella was on the prowl and determined to unwrap my wrapping.

We went with a simple plaid and silver bows. 

**This post contains affiliate links, thank you for supporting my blog. See disclosure for more info**


I am going to be hosting a link up on the 1st Thursday of every month.
 It's going to be called Throwback Thursday, where I will share my favorite throwback photos from the previous year! I am going to have monthly themes that I will share with you, but if you don't love the theme, you can post any throwback photos you would like.

I am going to do my first post TOMORROW (a week late) with our favorite Christmas throwbacks, and will leave the party open to link up all week long. I am going to try and have it open by 5 am pt. 

Please join us!!!

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