Favorite Stocking Stuffer Ideas: Men's Edition


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Sharing a last-minute gift guide for the men in your life! This list could easily work for a lady in your life too...but I had Michael in mind when I threw this together.

This is a really NICE stocking stuffer for the fitness fanatic in your life... the FitBit Versa Lite Smartwatch is on sale right now!

The perfect hand cream for working hands. Both of us being in the dental field wash our hands A LOT, so I know this hand cream would come in handy in our house.

A magnetic wristband would be perfect for the handy-man or woman in your life... I would probably use this more than Michael. I am always the one wanting to hang up pictures or put things together. This would come in handy so you don't lose any screws or nails!

We should ALL have this in our wallet... this would come in handy in an emergency situation. It's a credit card sized 10 in 1 tool. It includes a knife, and compass, among other features.

Michael is ALWAYS asking me, 'where are the nail clippers?' And I am just like, 'why don't you have your own??' So last year, I bought him his own set and he hasn't asked me since. Such a beautiful stocking stuffer idea and it will get used! 

A new minimalistic wallet is always a good idea! Michael likes these thin minimalist wallets a lot.

These to-do list notepads are hilarious. Having a notepad always comes in handy and these ones are just funny! 

Do you have a "I want to know why?" guy in your life? This book might be for him... At the least, it's good bathroom reading.

I got these sneaker balls for Michael last year. He LOVES the gym and playing basketball... it's his outlet and his 'me time.' But with that comes smelly sneakers... I encourage him to use these

Razors are always good to have as extras! 

Poo-Pourri spray... It was in Michael's stocking last year and he was like 'what is this??' Hahaha! It's so funny... even if they don't use it, it's hilarious. (But just so everyone knows, it works)

We love Ferrero Rocher chocolates, and they are the perfect stocking stuffer size!

Other good ideas...

portable charger

echo dot or similar product

gift cards to favorite stores/restaurants

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