Last Week Recap

Because my Dad is here visiting, I tried to limit how much time I spent on my computer/phone and that included blogging. I decided to do a whole recap post on last week while he was here. It is brief as I did a lot of 'living in the moment' but I did try to take a few pics. This was last week... 


 I had to work 11-7 pm. Ella went to Grandma's house and my Dad was on his own to spend the day in Seal. 


I was supposed to have all of Tuesday off, but ended up filling in for another hygienist who was sick. I agreed to work her morning shift but wanted to get out by 12 so I could spend the afternoon with my Dad. Ella was at her Grandma's for the morning, and was still napping when I got done with work. I picked my Dad up and we found something to do while we waited to pick Ella up.

We went to the mall and enjoyed a yummy lunch. We got wings, brussel sprouts, calamari and fried deviled eggs. While we were eating Michael's Mom texted me to let me know Ella was ready to be picked up! 

We got home, and it was snack time. She is super sweet and cute, and totally loves having her Grampie around.

When Michael got home from work, we went and enjoyed Taco Tuesday and margaritas. We stopped by 2nd and PCH on the way home.

Everywhere you go is decorated for Christmas already... it's so magical.


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I worked another 1/2 day and my Dad spent his morning stuck inside because it was raining. It almost never rains here, except for when my family comes to visit. They bring the bad Maine weather with them every time!!! After Ella went to bed, my Dad and I went to see the new Shining sequel. It was SO strange, but very Stephen King-like and definitely not boring. Every time I see a movie I treat myself to popcorn and an Icee and it's always amazing! 


Another day of RAIN! Luckily, our plans didn't involve a lot of driving or traveling. We had plans to eat with Michael's parents in the early afternoon.

My little turkey all dressed up and ready to go!

Momma & Ella selfie on the way to meet Mike's parents.

We ate at one of our favorite Chinese restaurants and had an authentic Chinese lunch. Ella enjoyed lots of food too!

On the way home from eating... Hahaha! She was in a food coma.

We did have some leftovers but I knew deep down I wanted to eat a traditional Thanksgiving meal too. It was super simple and I whipped it all up in 45 minutes or so.

Rotisserie chicken for the win! And lots of leftovers for later... :)


In the morning, we got breakfast burritos and walked to the beach/pier. Ella and Grampie took some pictures with the Seal Beach Christmas tree. They are so sweet together.

After breakfast and our walk, I checked out some of Kohls Black Friday deals online. I got some new Fall/Winter clothes that I desperately needed. Most of my stuff is torn, ripped, worn or stained. I was thrilled to get myself some new things with my recent work bonus. I will share my favorite things on a later post.

We had a Friendsgiving planned with a bunch of our friends that night. 

My Dad got to pretend he was in his 30s again and partied with the guys. It was fun and there was lots of delicious food.

I left the Friendsgiving a bit early, so I could put Ella to bed. I didn't mind the early bedtime... And I was thrilled to try my new pajamas- they are the BEST and soooo soft.

We had such a great week together, despite the weather and the fact that we didn't go out and do a ton of stuff. My Dad's past trips have involved day trips all over So Cal and exploring different cities. Having Ella does make that a bit harder to do, but just enjoying simple family time at home has been sooo nice too.

Thanks for catching up with us on last week. I plan on sharing pictures from our weekend tomorrow! xoxo

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