Weekend Recap

 Saturday I was scheduled to work from 8-12. I was able to get home 1 hour early, due to a patient no-showing for their appointment. This gave me time to go home and get ready for my work Christmas party. The theme was 'Roaring 20's.' I found a 'flapper' inspired dress and accessories on Amazon. I found it all on sale which was great.

My dental office hosted the Christmas party at the Los Alamitos race track. There was a restaurant outside on a balcony/covered area that overlooked the track. It was a lot of fun. The bosses got a bunch of random bets for the races and gave each person 2 tickets, so we all had a horse to cheer for. We ate lunch, drank mimosas and had a blast! 

The doctors and a few of the girls. It's a big practice so there are many more of us than just this pic. I didn't get the big group picture yet!

After the racetrack a few of us went to a bar to keep the fun going... Michael and I left by 6:30 because we were meeting Michael's parents at our home at 7. They watched Ella for us all day, which was so appreciated.

The next day Michael was in an ortho course all day. Ella and I decided to spend the morning looking for a 2020 planner at the craft store (I FOUND ONE!) and then headed next door to play at We Play Loud.

Ella had so much fun!

After We Play Loud, I drove directly to the office I work for, as they were hosting a Santa photo event.

Ella cried immediately when we walked in. She saw the staff dressed as elves and was TERRIFIED. She warmed up once I sat with her and played with the photo props.

She didn't love Santa, but she didn't bawl her eyes out either. So I will call that a win.

After the traumatic Santa experience, Ella and I went home for lunch and a nap. While Ella napped I did dishes, laundry and other house work. Michael got home from his course early, so we got to spend the evening together as a family. 

We ended the night with hot chocolate and a stroll through the neighborhood to check out the Christmas lights. 

So magical and a great way to end our weekend!

We hope you enjoyed your weekend as well and have a great Monday! 


  1. Aww her little pout with Santa is just adorable!

  2. I'm so glad you shared the dress - we are going to a NYE party with the same theme and i'm looking for a dress!


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