What's Up Wednesday

What's Up Wednesday Graphic

What's Up Wednesday

What We're Eating This Week-

Thai take out

Chicken fajitas

Ground turkey and bean chili

Salmon, rice and veggies

Mini Italian meatloaves with mashed potatoes

What I'm Reminiscing About-

My Dad's visit. I wish we could see each other more often. Ella so misses her Grampie. I need to start planning my next trip to Maine!

What We're Loving-

I am LOVING my new iPhone 11. I love the quality of the pictures the most. And the fact that my phone actually holds a charge and let's me update my apps.

Ella is loving my new phone too... because now I let her play with my old one! Haha! She feels like she got a phone too... silly girl.

Also loving my new Apple Watch! But I still don't know how to use it, ha! 

What We've Been Up To-

Trying to enjoy our time together as a family. We love going out to eat (if you haven't noticed) and soaking up all the Christmas activities.

 What We're Dreading-

Not much at the moment. Life is pretty good!

What We're Working On-

Right now I am working on an introductory post for a new link up I am co-hosting with some other lovely ladies... You'll have to wait until January to see!

Ella has been working on WALKING. She is still too afraid to let go of furniture, our hands, etc. But I know she is close.

What We're Excited About-

Image result for festival of lights mission inn

Christmas, OBVIOUSLY! We are going to the Festival of Lights and I almost can't contain my excitement... Look at how magical!!! I can't wait to go, take lots of pictures and share the fun experience with you all.

What We're Watching/Reading-

Image result for sugar rush christmas

I have been watching lots of Christmas baking competitions, both on cable & Netflix. Including this gem, Sugar Rush. I love it and Adriano Zumbo!!! 

Right now I am reading A Mrs. Miracle Christmas by Debbie Macomber. 

Ella is still watching a lot of Grinch and ready EVERYTHING she can get her hands on! She lovessss books.

What We're Listening To-

ALL the Christmas music. I listen in the car and at the office... it's magic! Ella likes Maria Carey's All I Want for Christmas, but who doesn't???

What We're Wearing-

I have been wearing my new sweaters from Kohls and my holiday pajamas on repeat!!!

Ella has been wearing a lot of fleece pajamas, it has been cold!!! She was given a bunch of clothes from our friend Samantha and her daughter Evie, which we have been coming in handy!

What We're Doing this Weekend-

Christmas EVERYTHING! Or so I hope!

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month-

I love a fresh start to the new year... new goals and hopefully I can really get our organization together this year. I am planning a whole post on New Year Resolutions!

Thanks for joining us for the last What's Up Wednesday of the year!

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  1. Ground turkey and bean chili and Mini Italian meatloaves with mashed potatoes sounds delicious and I totally think I will be adding those items to my meal plan for next week ... but I may have to make healthy roasted potatoes instead of mashed because I am dairy free and I haven't found a good way of making mashed potatoes without milk and butter. Eek!
    Do you have any favorite restaurants that you like to eat out at? I just recently moved to the area I live in and have been searching out all of the local restaurants ... fun and yummy! :)


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