Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! We are so excited that today is Friday. I work today from 7-4, but then weekenddddd! I literally can't wait. We don't have any solid plans for the weekend, but there's lots that I WANT to do, and it involves alllll the Christmas activities.

We hope you and your family have a great Friday! Here's our list of favorites from the week.


My new Apple Watch was a gift from Michael's Mom and is my favorite! I feeling so 2020 with my new technology... but I don't even know how to use it.. HA! I need help! I plan on watching some Youtube videos later, so I can get the full use out of both my iPhone and my Apple Watch. But so far,  I am still loving it... I love that I can get messages directly to my wrist. This is especially helpful at work, when I can't have my phone out on me.


The other night Ella snuck away from my side, and I found her in the corner of her room with the remote to her Dyson... Which she KNOWS she isn't supposed to have. Look at this guilty face! You guys. I can't. Between her little squat, her sagging diaper and her little lip. I'm just, in awe of how precious she is. So darn sweet and so funny. This is my new favorite picture!


My sister sent this book for Ella for Christmas, and it is our new favorite. I love the little girl on the front, her hair reminds me of Ella's. It was a perfect gift!


We have been doing lots of snuggling in our pajamas these days.. and it's always my favorite. I love this time of year when you can snuggle up, turn on all the Christmas lights and just enjoy the quiet!


On the drive to my friend Jenny's house. The trees were sooo pretty! What a cute neighborhood.

On Tuesday Ella and I went to visit my friend Jenny and see her 4 month old baby, Ruby. We also got to see her new house and it was so nice! Ella especially loved their dog. Watching Ella interact with Ruby and Jenny was so cute and sweet and definitely a favorite of mine. 


My new iPhone 11 has been a major favorite this week. It's nice having a phone that holds a charge and takes excellent pictures. I can't wait to play around with it more to really appreciate all of the new features. I plan on taking a lot of pictures of Ella with this! I am sure you're not surprised.


I love dinners that are easy, quick and taste delicious. Wednesday, I got home from work around 5:30 and realized I totally forgot to thaw the salmon for dinner. I decided to throw together a last minute something! I used the Costco brown rice/quinoa packs (1-2 min in microwave), sautéed some zucchini with chopped tomatoes in one pan, and had black beans with onions/peppers in another pan. I seasoned the black beans with leftover fajita seasoning. I mixed everything together in a bowl and topped it with a fried egg. Bam. It was delicious. I was going to add hot sauce or salsa, but Ella wanted to steal some bites, so I kept it mild for her. Quick, easy dinners are a favorite!


Disneyland sent us this for our car and congratulated us on becoming Passholders. We are so excited to use our pass next year. We have a lot of black out dates when we can't go. But any day I am able to take her, I plan on it! I love Disneyland so much.


This quote... it's so true. I never realized what true love was until I had Ella. She is an absolute sweet heart and I literally cannot imagine my life without her. I am sooo lucky to be her Mommy.

And these are some recent photos I took of my sweetie playing with her toys. LOVE her so much.

And that's all for favorites this week. We will be back Monday for a recap of our weekend... hopefully it involves all the Christmas activities. See you then!

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