Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone! We are here sharing our Friday-Sunday recap with you! It was a long week, so I was sooo happy to have a 3 day weekend with my loves. Michael worked Saturday but having him home Friday & Sunday was amazing. We did lots of fun family things :)


We grabbed breakfast at one of our favorite spots... Bakers & Baristas.

I got a salted caramel latte. It was absolutely delicious and almost too pretty to drink!

I also ordered the soft scrambled eggs with gruyere cheese and they were creamy and delicious! Ella stole a few bites.

Ella was so fun and silly at breakfast. Afterward, we had to go to the mall. I had to pick up something I had ordered for Michael's Mom for Christmas and I decided to get a new phone.

I had the iPhone 6, which was honestly fine. But it stopped charging correctly, I think the part where you plug the charger in was coming loose, and my older phone didn't work with my Apple watch that I got for Christmas. Instead of fixing my old phone and still not being able to use my watch, I decided to upgrade.

So far, I love it. Very expensive but I plan on using this as long as possible! And I must say, the pictures are AMAZING. 

Friday night, we had plans to go to a winter festival in Rossmoor, the neighborhood next to Seal Beach. It started at 6:30, which is very close to Ella's bedtime; we decided to let her stay up late for one night!

We bundled up because it was a bit chilly. I'm wearing my new rain jacket from Kohls and I love it. So warm! 

There was a Maine Lobster food truck at the festival! We stopped and got lobster rolls for dinner. It was Ella's first time trying lobster and she was a big fan!

We were there for the tree lighting! Ella kept pointing to the tree and really liked the star!

We grabbed hot chocolate and walked around. I just love this time of year, even without snow, it is so magical. The community does a really good job at organizing lots of festive events to keep everyone in the holiday spirit! Driving around the neighborhood of Rossmoor really makes me think that would be a great place for us to settle permanently. But we'll see what happens! 

Before leaving, we decided to go meet Santa again, and see how Ella reacted this time.

Giving Daddy kisses while waiting for Santa. An Orange County Sheriff came and gave Ella a sticker, which she loved. He told me Ella was so beautiful and sweet. She wasn't a fan of his mustache, but he said his wife isn't either... haha!

Ella was waving and pointing to Santa the entire time we were in line. I was optimistic that she might handle the situation better than last time. Well I was wrong. Ella was not a fan! Again. Don't worry, I  rescued her immediately.

So we took a group picture instead! Michael was not prepared for pictures... always wearing sweatpants LOL.

After the festival we called it a night!


This little sweetie was up around 7. We snuggled on the couch while she drank milk and I drank my coffee. I love Ella in the mornings, she can be so so so sweet.

YUM! My morning cup of coffee is my favorite! I sipped at the table and worked on blog stuff while Ella ate breakfast. She had a blueberry waffle, watermelon and a few bites of egg.

Michael left for work and Ella and I spent the morning playing.

Complete chaos. Ella goes around the entire apartment and destroys EVERYTHING in her sight. I usually just let her destroy and clean up during naps and after she goes to bed.

We cleaned up a bit, and got dressed. I had to run a couple of errands, and one of my stops was Target for a phone case.

Ella loves Target as much as Momma. I get a cart just so Ella can sit and face me. We literally got a phone case and that was all. Probably my most efficient Target trip ever!!!

We also went to Marshalls to finish our Christmas shopping and hit Sprouts on the way home so I could get my favorite tea... I also snagged a bath bomb for later this weekend. 

I made us some lunch.

Ella ate some of this and a few bites of chicken nugget. I made myself some spinach and ricotta ravioli that we had in the freezer. I also made a second cup of coffee! 

Ella went down for a nap at 12:30, so I did dishes, cleaned and showered while she slept.

Ella was still sleeping when I left for my other office Christmas party around 2:40. 

Kim & I. She is the dental assistant.

We always play games, including Christmas bingo! 

The whole gang.

I won a bluetooth speaker and I got a great gift in the gift swap... a Rae Dunn mug, 2 bags of coffee and a coffee press. Overall it was a fun night and I feel fortunate to work for two dental offices that I love. 

I came home and played with Ella. She was in such a silly mood as usual. We got Ella ready for bed and she was asleep before 7:30.

I ended my night watching a cheesy Christmas movie on Netflix. I didn't even finish it! 

Image result for the knight before christmas

What a perfect Saturday!


On Sunday I decided to document a day in the life, which I will be sharing tomorrow...
So if you're curious about our Sunday, be sure to check back.

Thanks for reading about our weekend, see you tomorrow! xoxo

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  1. What a great weekend! I can't believe you only got exactly what you needed from Target lol, efficient shopping.


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