Friday Favorites

Linking up to share our Friday Favorites! 

We have a second Friday favorites post this week which covers all of my favorite Amazon Fall finds. To see that post, please go here.


An obvious favorite from the week was our Labor Day trip to Santa Barbara. Read all about that trip here. It was nice just going somewhere new with my loves! 


On Monday I made a simple and quick shrimp fried rice. Ella had some of the unseasoned ingredients separately, along with some tofu and blueberries. Once she saw us eating the rice, she wanted some of that too and loved it! She eats anything and everything. And yes she has a spoon with her name on it... I got it at The Christmas Tree Shop in Maine. I couldn't believe my luck to find the name Ella! 


I thought we'd never see this bouncer come back into our life, but it has. One day I was cleaning out Ella's closet and she discovered her old bouncer and now just loves sitting in it. It is designed to grow with your child, but I just never thought she'd be interested in it now. I was wrong! She is also obsessed with drinking from Mom's cup of water. 


Honestly, all of Tuesday was a favorite of mine. We had the day off together and she was cute and silly in the morning, and quiet/clingy in the afternoon. I love both sides of her <3 


A sweet little package from my Dad came in the mail. He knows I miss the family and home, so he sends me little care packages once in a while.

So I called him to say thanks, and we talked for an hour! The gift and the phone call were both favorites this week!


Grocery pick-up was honestly an amazing invention. I don't mind the grocery store, but this is so much easier sometimes. If I order something they don't have in stock, they will text me and offer me replacement items instead. It's so good and a favorite every week.


Air conditioning as been a major favorite this week. It's September, and I just want to be cozy. And here we are, with 100 degree weather. Where was this heat all Summer?!?

Thank you for reading our Friday favorites post! Thanks to the hosts for the link-up. Don't forget to read all about my favorite Fall finds here

What was your favorite moment from your week?
Is the weather cooling down where you live, or are you suffering a heatwave like us?


  1. Enjoyed looking through your blog again! Hope you aren’t bummed when you realize it’s just ME commenting! Haha. Looks like it was a nice weekend it Santa Barbara. Didn’t understand the food you guys ordered at the first restaurant, obviously LOL. Died laughing at the part where you walked into an outdoor restaurant and it was awkward LOL and I can literally picture this happening and Michael telling you, you aren’t aloud to direct the walk anymore. Hahahaha!! Also want to touch on the fact that you guys went to a restaurant and got a basket of muffins with your coffees while you looked st the menu?? What?? That’s excellent. Ella all bundled up the whole time LOL!! Kaylie would literally be going ballistic I think if I had her like that!!! I hope you like the shirts dad and I picked out for Ella!!! �� love you


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