11 Months

11 months

How is it possible that my sweet baby girl is 11 months old? I can't even believe how fast this year has gone by. 11 months of being her Mom. These months have been the hardest and yet best months of my life. I love this little girl sooo much!

Our little webcam selfie from the other morning before work! <3

Ella can now crawl and stand up on her own!
She has four teeth and a few more on the way very soon.
Ella loves to eat scrambled eggs, tofu, blueberries and puffs.
She understands so many words including baby, book, no, milk, water, sit, Mom, Dad, ball, peek-a-boo and a few more things I can't think of right now.
She is so so smart and I can't wait to watch her grow and learn. We love you Ella Marie! 

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