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Sharing some of our favorite things from this week. I only worked Monday, Wednesday & Thursday this week, so that in itself was a huge favorite!!! 

A girl I am friends with on Facebook and know from HS, is an elementary school teacher, and recently reached out to her friends to participate in something that I think is just SO awesome. She explained that during the year, students are sent home with Scholastic Book order forms (I remember those days well!) Some students never turn their slips in, but she knows they would love to get some new books to take home. She asked if anyone wanted to sponsor a student in her class, so that child could get new books all year long just like the rest of the students. I think it's a brilliant idea. For just a few dollars we are hopefully going to make a student's year a bit brighter, and it was one of my favorite parts of our week knowing we did something special for someone else.

Ella was really into her sunglasses the other day. It's the only time she has ever let me put her glasses on and she hasn't immediately tried ripping them off. Of course as soon as I tried taking a pic, she tried taking them off! They are pretty darn cute if you ask me. Thanks Aunt Lina for the glasses! 

This sweet picture I captured over the weekend is my absolute favorite. I really think I need to have it framed. I wish Ella looked a bit happier, but she is being her true self here. Don't let her fool you, she loves her Dadda! These two together just absolutely melt my heart.

We were walking through the dog park the other day, and I noticed that the leaves are still falling, despite the fact that it has been SO hot! This means Fall is on the way and I am so so so excited about it. Fall is my absolute FAVORITE season.

More pics from our walk because Seal Beach is just too cute! There is a red train car museum as well as a little cottage that was built by the Seal Beach Lions Club right off of Main Street near the library. Seal Beach doesn't feel like a city at all! It totally has that small town feel and I just love the coziness the red train car and cottage bring to the area.

Decorating for Fall has been my FAVORITE. I had to make sure I showed off both my cute pumpkin plates (from Target a few seasons back) and my Gobble napkins from Marshalls. I love decorating this tiered stand, that I also got at Marshalls. I will have better ideas for Christmas time, but for now it's sweet and simple!

Amazon has some REALLY cute tiered stands if you don't have one and have been looking. I wish I had purchased mine sooner, as it is really fun to think about decorating for all the seasons.


FULL FALL HOME TOUR POST COMING SOON! So if you are fan of Fall Home Tours, keep checking in. Can't wait to see everyone's decor.

Sorry for the terrible picture. But I made shrimp and fish tacos for dinner, along with some 'Mexican style' rice and it was a really yummy meal that I will definitely be making again! Ella enjoyed the rice and avocado. You can see the rest of the meals we enjoyed this week by checking out our meal plan post here, or clicking the image below.

I do not take credit for the recipes. I link all of the recipes in my post.

My Happy Planner has been such a favorite this week. I have had so much fun decorating it and filling in all of our plans. I asked Michael if it was lame that I enjoyed decorating my planner so much and he said "the only thing that is lame is you trying to be anything but yourself." And my heart melted and then I continued decorating... :) 
You can see more of my planner and our Calendar in this post here.
Image result for trader joe's sprouted tofu
We tried this tofu from Trader Joe's this past week, and I must say that Ella loved it. She eats it totally plain- no seasoning or anything. She must like the texture! If I put the tofu with other things on her plate, she eats the tofu first and finishes it all before moving on to another food. It has been a major favorite for her this week! 
Fisher-Price Baby's First Blocks - image 1 of 13
This Fisher Price shape sorter is Ella's new favorite toy. She doesn't quite understand how to fit the shapes in the holes, and just slams the piece against the top, hoping she'll get it right. But this will be great for her as she grows. It was a birthday gift I had tucked away in the closet, but I gave it to her early because she was getting bored of her current toys. I have a post going over other birthday gift ideas for her, that you can read about here.

Michael is the most amazing father and Ella loves her Daddy so much. This is us having lots of fun playing in her room with her before bedtime. Watching the love between these two is always a favorite. I feel so lucky.

And that's all for favorites this week. Have a nice weekend. xoxo

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