Meal Planning Monday

We have been going out to eat way too much lately. Honestly, we've been pretty bad about it since Ella has been born. I used to pride myself on my meal planning and prep on the weekends. I have totally lost that motivation. I am going to start making my meal plans during the week and shop/prep on the weekends. I am hoping by doing this, and posting it here, it keeps me accountable!

That's our plan for the week! 

I created my shopping list... and went straight to the grocery store Ralphs' website. I used to LOVE going to the grocery store, browsing the aisles and seeing what products were out there. Now, I can think of many other ways I would like to spend my free time. Instead of spending 30-45 minutes at the grocery store, I spend 5 minutes online, and 5 minutes at pick-up. It's the best. My only complaint is that you cant pick your own produce and I have a hard time with that sometimes. 

We had a lot of pantry and frozen stuff already, so our shopping list was easy this week! I always grab a bunch of fruit to snack on and stuff to make salads to go with our heavier and less healthy meals.

I plan on using ground turkey for both our tacos and the chili to keep it a bit lighter. Garden salad and cucumber salads will be great sides to these meals to get some extra veggies in there. Leftovers with a side of fruit and salad will make great lunches.

Normally I do my prep on Sunday, but because of the long weekend I am doing my shopping and prep tomorrow! We have the fixings for the rice already and the dumplings are frozen from a bag! Ha! So far, we are on track! ;) 

In the future, I want these posts to include the recipes and the grocery list... I just didn't have time this week because we were in Santa Barbara. I will share more on that trip later this week, and promise to make my Meal Planning Mondays more thorough in the future! 

What are you and your family eating this week?
Do you have any blogs/websites you like to steal your recipes from? Please share!

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